Kumkum Bhagya 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Alia prachi is sent to jail by trapping her in the theft of defeat. After this all are lying wrong about Prachari only, then it says that Prachi can not do this.

In Kumkum Bhavya you have seen that Aliya says that Prachi should be checked and if the necklace does not get near him, then he should let it go. But Abha does not want to do this and refuses Aliya to do so. But Prachi says she should be checked because she wants to prove her innocence. After this, Ali goes ahead and checks Prachi. At first she says that she has no necklace. After this he checks the back pocket in Prachi’s kurt and gets defeated.

After this all are surprised. Alia handed over Prachi to the police. Prachi is repeatedly saying that he has not stolen. Prachi prays in jail that she should have accepted the advice of her mother. He was refusing It was said that Delhi city is not good. Happiness gives people much less trouble He is getting saddened by this thought.

At the same time, Riya is very happy after attaching Prachi to false stolen and repeats all the things in front of Aliya. She listens to all this and slaps Riya on her head. Whereas Sahana calls Pragya and tells about Prachi.

After this, you will see how the police goes to the police station to ignore the facts and protect Prachi. At the same time, Pragnya also comes out to save him for Delhi. In such a way, will Mira Abdi tell all about Riya’s this false game? Before wisdom, can you remove Abhi Prachi from jail? Will Abhi know that Prachi is his only daughter? Stay tuned for all updates of kumkum bhagya with Tellyupdates.me


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