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The Episode starts with Meera wondering it is right that Abhi went to free that woman, and thinks it changed into their mistake. She thinks of Rhea’s phrases that Prachi has stolen her necklace, after which her confession. She thinks to preserve Rhea away from Aaliya and thinks she will be able to’t tell all and sundry about her feelings for Rhea. Rhea comes there and says sorry to Meera, protecting her ears. Meera forgives her and says anybody does mistake, and says good issue is to simply accept the error. She says you did a mistake and learnt some thing from it. Rhea hugs her and thinks she don’t want to fall in Meera’s eyes, and thinks Prachi may come out of jail, but every body will assume her as thief usually. Pragya is inside the taxi, and the motive force stops the auto and tells that he will test it. Pragya thinks her umbrella got caught on that man’s vehicle and now this taxi. Abhi involves the police station and asks about Prachi. Shahana and Prachi see him. Prachi asks if he came for her. Abhi sees rolling down from her eyes and reminisces Pragya. Prachi tells that she didn’t thieve that necklace and cries. She asks him to believe her and says whenever you helped me continually, I felt which you are a person near to me, and says you are really accurate. Pragya takes carry and thanks the girl. Prachi says I didn’t thieve. Abhi reveals Prachi and Pragya’s resembles and asks her not to cry, and says I trust you. Tu dhadkan and dil…performs….Prachi thanks him.

Abhi asks her not to cry and asks who are you? Prachi says courageous female. Shahana says sorry to Abhi for scolding him. She asks him to help Prachi and get her out from here, else her career and existence might be ruined. Abhi says nothing will occur, and tells no person’s daughter will cry on my daughter’s birthday. He asks her no longer to cry. Shahana says he’s actual rockstar. Pragya says Rhea is fortunate woman for having such Papa, rockstar. Rhea searches for Abhi. Aaliya asks Rhea if she did that paintings? Rhea says she hugged Meera and apologized. Aaliya thinks if Abhi went to unfastened that woman. Rhea says he is my dad and loves me. Aaliya asks her to chill out and says she simply thought. She hugs her and asks her to relax. She says I swear and promise you that he’s going to not take her out.

Abhi comes to Inspector. Inspector asks him to take a seat. Abhi asks him to free Prachi. Inspector says i can no longer unfastened her. Abhi says that house and the necklace is mine. Inspector says he is getting promoting as he solved the case in 2 hours. Abhi says this female is innocent and not a professional. He asks Inspector to depart her. Inspector asks him to be careful else human beings will tell that he is after the lady of his daughter’s age. Abhi gets angry and shouts. Inspector says he has confession letter and tells his name. Abhi says she is innocent, then why she will be able to sign. Prachi asks Shahana to tell the fact to Abhi, how Inspector were given her signed. Abhi says you haven’t any confession letter. Inspector reads the faux confession letter. Abhi says you made this forged confession letter for your promotion. Abhi asks Prachi if this is your sign. Prachi nods. Abhi says you forced her to signal. Shahana says he blackmailed Prachi to sign else he will placed me in the back of bars. Abhi asks did she cry again? And asks her to go to her pal. He tears the confession letter and says you probably did very wrong. Inspector asks what are you doing? Abhi says i’m correcting your mistake. Inspector says now see what I do with you. Abhi says public will see what I do with you. Inspector says i’m no longer scared. Abhi calls Purab and says my next music is launched in the Vasant kunj’s police station and asks him to send media there. Purab says you’re doing this for Prachi and calls the reporter.

Inspector says I received’t assist you to prevent my promotion and says don’t realize what’s your relation together with her. Abhi says he has fatherly emotions for her. Prachi smiles. Inspector asks him to try and unfastened her and says i’m able to see if you can manipulate to unfastened her. He says i’m able to inform media how you tear the reliable letter. Abhi says you locked her without the FIR. Inspector says it wishes signatures. Abhi says you made forged FIR and says may be your seniors open antique cases against you. Inspector tells him that he will arrest him on the fees of tearing the confession letter. Abhi asks him to do, and tells that there is no FIR for this situation. He asks him to think some thing else and asks him to put robbery costs on him, of stealing his own daughter’s necklace which he talented to her.

Media come there and insist to move inside the Police station. Abhi smiles and asks Inspector to welcome media. Purab calls some other reporter and asks him to reach Vasant Kunj playstation . Aaliya hears him. Inspector says it will likely be highly-priced in order to mess with me. Abhi says it will likely be pricey for you too. i will not neglect you.

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Precap: Prachi says Abhi went to fulfill Maa. Shahana asks her to make Abhi as her father on father’s day. Prachi says she might have made him her father long again.


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