Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Alia prachi is sent to jail by trapping her in the theft of defeat. After this all are lying wrong about Prachari
only, then it says that Prachi can not do this.

In this episode of kumkum bhagya , Riya is getting angry at Aliya Meera to slap because she is very upset with this incident. Ali tells Meera that there is no right to kill Riya. While defending Riya Meera, she says that she has called Mira as her mother since childhood, so she has the right to slap him. At the same time Sahana arrives at the police station and talks to the policemen.

Sahana tells the policeman that Prachi and he has come from Hoshiarpur to study, but he needed money, so he got a job. The police thinks that both of them have planned to steal. Police say that Sahana will also be arrested. However, Prachi tells the police not to put Sahana in the lockup. Abhi thinks about Prachi and decides to relieve him from the police. Pragya too has reached Delhi and is going to police station.

After leaving Meera, Alia scolds Riya for supporting Meera. Abhi and Pragya are heading towards the police station. Both cross each other but can not see each other. Then it starts raining and as soon as Pragnya crosses the car of Abhi, the umbrella gets blown due to the wind. The umbrella is stuck on Abhi’s windshield, which takes Pragnya’s car towards the car. Due to the umbrella, the Pragya and the intelligence can not see each other. It removes the umbrella and is about to go. That is when Pragya knocks on the window of the car, but Aakhi is looking at the other side. However, old memories become fresh after listening to the sound of Pragya.

Abhi immediately turns to see if she is a pragya. As soon as the intelligence progresses from there, the caller calls it till it goes out of the car. The heartbeat of the intellect stops, but she feels that it is the heart of her mind and she settles in the cab. Abhica’s desire for Pragya then changes into hatred, when she remembers that Pragya took away Prachi from him. The police has given Prachi a sign of affirmation letter so that they let the Sahana go.


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