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Priyanka also tries to open the sage’s belt. Rishi slaps him and leaves In Kumkum Bhagya you saw how Priyanka tries to trap Rishi. She tries to unbutton the sage’s shirt button. His button breaks. She also gets scratched. Priyanka also tries to open Rishi’s belt. Rishi slaps him and escapes from there. Meanwhile, Priyanka’s dress has slipped downwards. Priyanka runs after Rishi.

The sage picks up his baggage and leaves from there. Abhi sees him in this state. He does not speak anything. Abhi gets shocked. Meanwhile Priyanka calls him and asks him to stop, but he does not stop.

The sage goes home. Pragya gets worried after seeing her wounds. He says that I am going to sleep, but Pragya goes out to take medicine for wounds. The sage falls asleep.

Later the house bell rings. Police has come to the door. The police arrest and take Rishi on charges of molesting Priyanka.

Abhi also reaches the police station. Priyanka says that Rishi has molested her. Priyanka asks Abhi to get her punished. Abhi promises Priyanka that she will surely get punishment for her crime.

Pragya goes to police station. Pragya tells the police that you have definitely made a mistake. The policeman tells that Priyanka has complained

In the last episode of Kumkam Bhagya, you saw how Priyanka traps Rishi in her trap. She tore the clothes of the sage. The sage somehow runs away from there. Abhi sees Rishi running away and he suspects Rishi.

Later Priyanka files a case against Rishi in the police and the police arrests her.

In Kumkum Bhagya you will see that Pragya goes to the police station. Pragya tells the police that you have definitely made a mistake. The policeman says that Priyanka has complained. Abhi comes to the police station. He is also worried.

Here Pragya goes to Rishi and starts beating him. He is deeply saddened for the mistreatment done to Priyanka. At the same time, the sage cries and says that I am innocent. None of this is my fault.

Later in the police station, Pragya and Abhi both hear each other’s voice and turn around. Will Abhi and Pragya meet again?

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