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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Ayodhya today i.e. August 5, for the Bhoomi Pujan of Ram temple. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Ayodhya after 29 years. The last time Narendra Modi came to Ayodhya was 29 years ago in 1991. Even after becoming Prime Minister, Narendra Modi went on a nation-world tour, but never came to Ayodhya. That is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Ayodhya is very important. It is believed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will spend about three hours in Ayodhya and lay the foundation of Ram temple. Today in Ayodhya, he will first go to Hanumangarhi and see him. After this, after reaching the Ramjanmabhoomi campus, they will participate in the Bhoomi Poojan program. PM Modi will also lay the foundation stone in the auspicious time for the construction of the temple.

Today, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Ayodhya to worship the land for the construction of Ram temple, his three-decade old statement is once again in the discussion. In fact, 29 years ago in Ayodhya, i.e. in 1991, Narendra Modi said in response to a question that he will come back here only when the construction of Ram temple will start. During that time he reached Ayodhya with Murali Manohar. At the same time, in the year 1990, when LK Advani started a rath yatra from Somnath to Ayodhya for the construction of Ram temple, Narendra Modi was also riding on that chariot. PM Modi has a long association with the Ram temple movement in Ayodhya.

LK Advani started a rath yatra from Somnath in Gujarat on September 25, 1990 to mobilize support for the construction of the Ram temple, which was to reach Ayodhya on 30 October via various states. LK Advani was to join Karseva there. However, this rath yatra did not reach Ayodhya. Even before reaching Ayodhya, LK Advani was arrested in Samastipur on October 23 on the orders of the then Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav in Bihar.

At that time, Narendra Modi was given the responsibility of coordination in the Ram Mandir Rath Yatra with Advani. Then Narendra Modi used to be a member of BJP National Election Committee. That 1991 picture is also becoming very viral on social media, in which Narendra Modi is seen with Murali Manohar Joshi. In fact, in April 1991, Modi reached Ayodhya with senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi. He also went to the disputed site. During that time, Murali Manohar Joshi told some journalists that Modi had come from Gujarat. During this conversation, some reporters questioned Modi when he would come to Ayodhya again. So immediately Narendra Modi replied, ‘Now Ayodhya will come when the construction of Ram temple will start.’

The wait of 492 years for the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya is ending today. There is a Bhoomi Pujan for the Ram temple in Ayodhya today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come to Ayodhya after 29 years for Bhoomi Pujan. Prime Minister Modi has reached Ayodhya in golden kurta and white dhoti, where he will perform Bhumi Pujan in auspicious time. During this, many veteran leaders including UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Governor Anandiben Patel, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat will be present. Mahant Nritya Gopal Das has come to the site of Bhoomi Poojan with a rock made of 40 kg silver, which will be laid in the foundation. So let’s know all the latest updates of what’s happening in Ayodhya …

PM Modi arrives in Lucknow, now Ayodhya will go by helicopter, CM Yogi arrives at Bhoomi Poojan site

  • 1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Hanumantha Lala at Hanumangarhi and also performed aarti. After having darshan, Ram is now leaving for the birthplace complex. In Hanumangarhi, the throne, Mahant Ramesh Das, wearing the crown and turban to the Prime Minister, also presented the saffron Ramnami Safa. After this, the shilapatta of Ram temple will be unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Shilapatta will be unveiled at 12.30 pm. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat will start the Bhoomi Pujan program. At present, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Governor Anandiben Patel, Uma Bharti have reached the site of Bhoomi Pujan.
  • 2. PM Modi reached Ayodhya at 11.30 am. In Ayodhya, he will give only two to two and a half hours. After this, his helicopter will land at Lucknow at 3:00 pm. After this, PM Modi will leave for Delhi around 3:15 by his special plane.
  • Ayodhya Ram temple Bhoomi Pujan: 150 policemen who have defeated the Corona virus will give special protection to PM Modi
  • 3. This Muhurta of Ram Mandir Bhoomi Poojan is of 32 seconds which is between 12: 44: 8: 12: 44: 40: 12. According to the pundits, the transmission of planetary positions in the 15 Varadas according to the Shodash boon is going to give auspiciousness and compatibility.
  • 4. Hari Sankirtan will be organized between 11:30 and 12:30 pm on the scheduled Muhurta of Bhumi-poojan. The entire program has invited scholars from Kashi, Ayodhya, Delhi, Prayag. Different worshipers have different experts. The entire team is of 21 Brahmins who will worship in different ways. It will not happen at a time, but different Brahmins will perform pooja in different periods.
  • 5. Large screens have been installed for the Ram temple in Ayodhya to watch the Bhoomi Pujan and about 200 guests present there. In addition, strong leaders like Ram temple leader LK Advani and Murali Manohar will attend the event through video conferencing today. Such a decision has been taken in view of the corona virus crisis and its protocol.
  • 6. Security cordon has been extended throughout Ayodhya. The CISF’s dog squad is activated. Several contingents are monitoring the rumor. Vehicles coming to the airport are also being checked. Because PM Modi is going to Ayodhya, the NSG is stationed on the platform.
  • 7. According to the sources of the Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust, on the main stage, the President of Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust, along with PM Modi and Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat, State Governor Anandiben and Chief Minister Yogi will be seated.
  • 8. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be in Ayodhya for about two and a half hours on Wednesday. He will visit Hanumangarhi before Bhoomi Pujan and then he will visit the temple site and then issue a special stamp. It is expected that PM Modi will also address the countrymen during the puja.
  • Those faces of Ram temple movement in Ayodhya, without which the dream of Shayaj Hindus would remain incomplete
  • 9. Silver coins will be given to the saints participating in the Bhoomi Pujan ceremony, which has been sent to the Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirthakshetra Trust by Bhojipujan by Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati of Kamikocchi. About 1.25 lakh laddus are being prepared for this ceremony.
  • 10. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi lands on the Saket College Helipad in Ayodhya at 11:30 am on Wednesday for Ram Temple Bhoomi Pujan, after this he will be in a special security cordon of such policemen who have defeated the corona virus. UP Deputy Inspector General of Police said that there will be 150 local police personnel who have recovered from the corona virus in the security cordon of PM Modi.


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