Kumkum Bhagya 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Abhi today goes to a hotel to meet Prachi’s mother i.e. Pragya on Sarla ji’s instructions. Where they both are to meet

Today’s show begins in Kumkum Bhagya where Sarla ji calls Abhi to introduce her to Pragya. Abhi and Prejna are about to face each other when something suddenly falls in Pragya’s sari and she goes to the washroom to clean it. She goes. Seeing Abhi there, everyone surrounds her to take a selfie with her. Sarla ji brings Abhi to the table. Abhi asks Sarla if she has come alone but she tells how the waiter dropped the sauce on Prachi’s mother and she has gone to clean it.

Ranveer goes to the office and jokes with Vikram. Ranvir’s eye falls on Prati only who is handling the papers. Seeing Prachi, Ranveer keeps watching him. He goes to her and offers her for a lift but Prachi refuses. Ranveer gets angry and then they start fighting.

Pragya wants to meet me, but many girls surround her. He tells those people that he will take a photo with them, which Sarala does not like, he says that his daughter is Abhi’s girlfriends and she does not like it. By saying this, he drives those people out there.

Prachi goes home alone where she doesn’t get a taxi. Ranveer comes there walking for a while, he tells him that going alone is not safe. He scares Prachi and goes out to collect the cart. Prachi becomes scared and tells Ranveer that she should leave her home. Ranveer tells Prachi that he will not give him a lift anymore because he made fun of him. But still he leaves the house for Prachi’s apology when she asks for forgiveness.

In the hotel, Nanzer tells Abhi that he has a fan there and that Doe wants to meet him. Everyone takes Abhi home and asks Abhi about love. Abhi also asks everyone to sing a song for which Abhi is not ready.


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