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The Episode begins with Pragya requesting that Inspector apologize to Prachi. Controller apologizes to Prachi. Examiner thinks both rockstar and this woman talked same thing. Journalist calls cameraman, however Pragya and Prachi are left. Abhi thinks about Prachi’s words. Aaliya asks him how he can go to Police station and help a server, and advises him that he is a rockstar. He says what is your picture infront of individuals and tells that above all, you have conflicted with Rhea. She says everything occurred on her birthday, when that server stole her jewelry. Abhi says she isn’t that way and asks her not to call her hoodlum. Aaliya says jewelry was found in her satchel and informs that you couldn’t care less regarding Rhea out of the blue, for an outsider. He tells that equivalent thing happened when you never confided in us, in light of the fact that

of Pragya. He tells that Pragya left Rhea 20 years back and left. Abhi gets some information about Pragya and tells that you can’t comprehend what was happening inside, and says you would have seen prachi’s eyes and tells that she was blameless. Aaliya tells simply like you had seen guiltlessness in Pragya’s eyes, and tells that she took one of the girl and didn’t tell about kiara when she was pregnant. She asks did you see blamelessness in her eyes, and tells that you was looking adoration in her eyes and never observe selling out. Abhi discloses to her that he will demonstrate Prachi’s honesty infront of her.

Abhi is going. Rhea considers him and tells that Aaliya said that he went to Police station. She tells that Prachi had stolen her neckband and condemnations her and her family seriously. Abhi says I am so disillusioned and inquires as to whether they showed her this. He says it was my misstep that I did your childhood repelling you from everybody, and tells that you don’t see Prachi’s decency. Rhea supposes she never observed father talking this way and says Prachi will pay for this. She calls Rocky and requests that he render retribution from her.

Shahana and Prachi achieve the house. Shahana holds up outside, and tells that Chachi keeps the entryway chime off. She takes out extra key from under the tangle and provides for Pragya. Prachi asks when did she provide for you? Shahana says she got it made. She goes to check if there is something to eat. Pragya reveals to Prachi that they will return tomorrow. Prachi tells everybody isn’t terrible and tells that Rhea’s dad is extremely decent, and tells that Rhea imagined that she has stolen her accessory, yet her dad confided in her and bailed her leave the lock up. Pragya asks how you know him? Prachi informs everything concerning their incidental gatherings. She adulates Abhi calling him sir, and says God made me meet him with the goal that he encourages me. Pragya inquires as to whether she left her telephone in his vehicle. Prachi says you conversed with him. Pragya says she couldn’t hear him. Prachi tells about his discourse and advises that she wishes to have a dad like him. She at that point embraces Pragya and says sorry. She tells that she thought just moms cherish her girls and tells that she realizes that even a dad adores his little girls now. She tells that Sir chided Shahana like Dadi used to. Pragya asks her not to applaud much else she will be desirous. She says she will meet him and express gratitude toward him. Prachi says he is world’s best dad. Shahana says he is amusing and discloses to Pragya that she ought to have hitched him, so that Prachi gets a dad like him. Pragya says you state anything. She supposes who is he?

Abhi thinks about Aaliya’s words and supposes I couldn’t recognize your double-crossing easily behind your guiltlessness. He thinks about their minutes. He contemplates her and cries. He takes out Pragya’s pic from under his bed and thinks about their minutes. A melody plays… gracious ho… .tenu khuda mane ya… .

Rhea’s companion goes to her room and requests that her wake up. Rhea says school begins after I reach there. Her companion requests that her see the time. Rhea gets up and requests that her proceed to get her garments. She goes to washroom. Her companion gives her garments, Rhea attempts numerous outfits and afterward wears one. Her companion says you are looking beautiful. She tells that she has educated Rocky and Shaina what they will do with Prachi. She tells that she has masterminded a few notices with Prachi’s pic and cheat composed on it. Rhea grins.

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Precap: Dadi reveals to Abhi that she supplicates each poornima night that Pragya returns throughout his life. Abhi looks shocked.


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