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The Episode begins with Pragya asking Abhi if he will clutch Kiara from her. Abhi asks do you suspect this approximately me. He says if Kiara involves understand that I separated her from then you definitely she will hate me. He says I want you each. He says you’re essential and Kiara is addition, in case you are with me then we will make 10 Kiaras born together with your permission. He says he will write it. Pragya says i will return for your life and asks him to marry her. She says we will make a new beginning, forgetting the entirety. She asks him to marry her and says please……Abhi appears at her. Allah Wariyan plays……Abhi hugs her luckily. Pragya also smiles and receives happy. music continues to play. A vintage woman sees them hugging and says it changed into a romantic concept. She wants to recommend her husband the equal manner. Pragya asks Abhi to marry her. Abhi says how marriage will take place right here. An antique girl asks Abhi and Pragya to marry each other and take rounds round her, witnessing her rather than hearth. King asks Police inspector to permit him to move interior and says his spouse is inside. He argues with them.

Chachi comes there crying and asks King to return together with her. The female tells Abhi and Pragya that she is like their Dadi and asks them to marry witnessing her. She says she will be able to play marriage mantras on the net. Pragya says terrorist will listen the sound. the woman says she will be able to keep the quantity low. Pragya and Abhi preserve fingers, simply then terrorist asks them to prevent. They run. The terrorist catches the woman. King asks Chachi to forestall frightening him towards Pragya. Chachi says you are gambling recreation along with your lifestyles and says Mitali stated that they had been husband and spouse. King is bowled over. Chachi says they love every different. King says I don’t need to listen to you. Chachi says i am your Chachi and not your step mum to see your life ruined. She says in case you had trusted me then your existence wouldn’t have ruined. King says you need to break my existence. Aaliya says you need Pragya to go back to you, but she will be able to go to Abhishek Mehra. It is good that she loves you, however, she loves my brother on the grounds that their marriage and Kiara is the memory of their love. She says both Kiara and Pragya will move far from his existence and come in Abhi’s lifestyles. Does King ask if Pragya and Abhi?

Aaliya says she noticed them getting married. Tanu says Abhi married her leaving me. King says sorry to Chachi and hugs her. He says every time you used to say towards her, I notion you want to damage her existence. King says I never disguise whatever from her, however, don’t recognize why did she cover. He says it is ideal that she got his Mumbai Wala. Police Inspector calls Terrorist. Terrorist says you called these days. Inspector says i’m coming internally to capture you, and asks him to give up otherwise he’ll do his come across. Terrorist asks him to inform his call. Inspector tells his name. Terrorist says I understand you and tells approximately his residence. Inspector asks him to send his terrorists there and says if all people come alive then i can dispose of my uniform. He tells other Inspector that they shall go interior. King argues with the police and asks them to permit him go inner. Inspector says Abhishek Mehra is inner, whom to save now. King receives angry and says my wife is internal. He asks them to allow him go and says he’ll store many lives.

Inspector shall we him go. Dadi, Dasi, Purab and Disha name Abhi and inform that Kiara told that Pragya went to mall and asks if he is together with her. Abhi says they’re no longer in mall. Purab asks him no longer to lie. Disha asks if he is secure. Abhi says we are secure and asks them now not to worry. Abhi asks Pragya if he shall inform them that they have got patched up. Pragya asks him to mention. Abhi says I talked to Pragya and we are coming domestic. the decision is on loudspeaker. Pragya takes the call and says they may come home before the mahurat for marriage. King hears her and receives disenchanted. Terrorists catch Abhi and Pragya. Abhi asks them to take them. They take them to the alternative terrorist. Terrorist says you have bothered us a lot. Pragya asks him not to shoot and says he is my husband. Abhi smiles. Terrorist says all of us is husband or spouse right here, and asks shall I go away everyone. old woman says they’re going to remarry and asks him to kill her and depart them as a substitute. Terrorist says you’ll die if I push you. He says I should kill a person to growth my terror.

Woman tells terrorist that she heard their painful story and asks Pragya to be with Abhi always and he’ll love and take care of her. Terrorist asks other terrorist to see their movie and says it is going to be successful. Police group is getting into inside. Abhi fights with the terrorists. The terrorist maintain knife on Pragya. lady says you could’t harm them, their love is with them. Pragya says i really like you. Abhi asks if she were given at the present time most effective to confess her love. Pragya says if we die then demise could be easy. Police comes internal and rescue anyone and shoot down the terrorist. Abhi and Pragya examine each other. lady blesses Abhi and Pragya and asks them to be together, says God shall come up with all the happiness. Allah wariyan plays…..Abhi and Pragya come to each different. Abhi asks her to come domestic. Pragya nods her head. He holds her and takes her out. Dadi receives worried for Abhi and Pragya. Abhi and Pragya come out relieving absolutely everyone. King gets disappointed as Pragya don’t see him, however is going immediately to Abhi’s own family. Abhi and Pragya hug the family individuals. Tanu is disappointed and leaves. King seems sad.

Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Abhi tells Pragya that King loves her. Pragya says we are just accurate pal and he thinks of my words as annoying and irritating. Abhi tells her that even he used to assume the same. Pragya asks him now not to interfere between the two desirable pals.

Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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