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The Episode starts with Meera wondering she is seeing true love for the primary time and thinks Abhi’s coronary heart is with Pragya. She sees Abhi sad considering Pragya. Sarita behen thinks I thought actual love don’t exist, but it exist and sees Pragya crying. She says I saw you crying loads for the primary time and asks her to head and meet him once. Pragya says i am now not equipped, I need to satisfy him, but don’t have electricity. She says I concept he is modified, however he’s nonetheless irritated. Meera thinks one has to pay for the true love. Sarita behen thinks the identical and thinks she has lost her love and kumkum and it’s going to get whilst she gets her love back. Meera thinks I want to care him, however he’ll no longer take delivery of my care and needs Pragya. She thinks Pragya will not come to him and he will now not love all of us. Aaliya is thinking about Purab and receives drunk. Dadi attempts to stop her and says you are doing wrong. Aaliya says you asked me to work on my relation and make Purab as pal and make the entirety exceptional. She says you didn’t inform me that betrayal takes place even in friendship. She says I didn’t get love from Purab, however will get betrayal for sure. Dadi asks what are you saying? Aaliya says betrayal. She recollects Purab telling that he turned into missing Disha and told i love you for her. Maane ke hum yaar nahi plays……

Abhi comes out of the room and stumbles as he’s closely drunk. Prachi offers to take him. Abhi says i am first-class and asks her to head. He says i am drunk, I don’t want you to look me in this circumstance. Prachi says if he’s completed scolding her and takes him to his room. She seems angrily. Abhi unearths similarity of Pragya and Prachi and tells her that his other daughter might be grown up by way of now, says she is with his fuggi. Prachi asks what are you saying? Abhi asks her to convey his fuggi to him. Prachi guarantees him. Abhi smiles. Prachi says i’m feeling terrible seeing you on this condition. Abhi asks inebriated? She says emotional. She says while you get inebriated, you get emotional. She says every person is asking about you in party and asks him to sit down right there and is going to bring something for him. He says fuggi, in which are you? i am asking for humans and begging infront of them to bring you lower back. he says in case you don’t come then i’m able to get angry and asks if she will not come and meet him until his death. He says come lower back atleast for your rockstar. He appears at her % and tells that he’ll wait for her. he’s dead and rock without her. He says I experience lifeless without you. He drops his wallet at the ground and says i can die without you. He says visitor is probably anticipating me downstairs. Prachi is taking some thing for Abhi to his room. Rhea follows her and thinks if she is going to steal. Prachi comes interior and finds the pockets on ground. She don’t see the p.c. Abhi comes lower back from rest room and says its me. Prachi gives him lemon water and prays to God to make him meet his fuggi else she can do some thing. She comes out of room.

Rhea says I need to tell you something and says i am clearly a actual proper female but you pressure me to do wrong. She says you want to snatch my awful and now gifting him. She says you need to make him as your dad. Prachi says i really like him and that’s why gave him gift. It changed into a thank you recreation and says you did incorrect inside the camp. You don’t recognize about how my mum felt and says I wish occasionally that he might be my father. Rhea asks why she act like an ideal daughter and proves that i am no longer an excellent daughter and asks why? Prachi says you are also snatching my mum from me and acting to be excellent daughter and stated that you will no longer cross till she gain attention. She says even you want to fill the motherly’s love in your existence and says I said right. Rhea gets indignant and emotional. Prachi tells Shahana the entirety. Ranbir comes and goes from among them. Prachi gets dissatisfied with him. Ranbir says sorry and says he will not take out his shirt again. He tells Shahana that she noticed him shirtless two instances and the second times she were given toward him. Prachi says this didn’t appear. Ranbir says just chilling. Shahana asks her to make him as her boyfriend. Prachi says if he says that he’s donkey then i can give him a few importance. Shahana says he is cute and says if he had proposed me as opposed to then you definately. Rhea hears them and is going. Prachi says he proposed me, however it’s far for a few different female, I experience pity on that girl.

Pragya remains crying and thinking about the coolest times which she they spend with Kiara. She receives up from her bed and writes her diary for Kiara. She says you sister were given a job with Mr. Mehra. She writes that she is lacking her superman and wishes him to come back infront of her. She writes that she desires to see and meet him. She thinks even he is probably missing me. I need him to overlook him as soon as and cries.

Precap: Ranbir asks Prachi, do you want me? He kisses or whispers some thing in her ears. Rhea gets stunned. .


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