Kumkum Bhagya 8th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Alia tells everyone at the party what Prachi and Sanju have done. Aaliya tells everyone that I cannot stop this from happening, but I can try to correct it.

Aaliya further says that no one will stop what I do now. Mithali and Daadi are stunned over Alia’s words. Both are worried.

Riya goes to Prachi’s room there. She speaks to Prachi that everyone is calling you down. Prachi does not understand anything. She asks Riya what happened. Riya says that I am not your maid to tell me what happened and what didn’t.

Riya tells Prachi that people are calling you and your boyfriend down. When Prachi’s boyfriend tells Riya Sanju that Prachi is in shock. She keeps looking at Sanju.

Pragya goes to summon Prachi and Sanju from the room after Pragya Kumkum Bhagya instigates everyone present in Aliya’s party, a mountain of broken troubles on Prachi. Prachi is looking at Sanju near him.

Due to the growing proximity between Pragya and Abhi in the TV show Kumkum Bhagya, viewers are getting a lot of spice in the show. Today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show Alia going to the party and telling everyone that she has seen Prachi and Sanju in the room together and that she knows very well what was happening in the room.

Aaliya further says that they cannot stop anyone from doing anything but they can do such a thing so that nothing is wrong with anyone. After provoking everyone present in Alia’s party, Riya goes to call Prachi and Sanju from the room. Prachi gets confused when he sees Sanju near him.

Now in today’s episode it will be interesting to see if Prachi will be able to save herself from trouble or she will be stuck in big trouble. Talking about yesterday’s episode, yesterday it was shown in Kumkum Bhagya that Prachi gets into unconsciousness after drinking juice because Riya had mixed drugs in it.

Earlier, Sanju convinces Prachi to take a drink and prove that she has forgiven him. Prachi gets drunk after taking a drink. In the condition of infatuation, she goes to the guest washroom to remove stains from the dress. Sanju chases her and spills water on her kurta.

Prachi helps her take off the kurta but they slip and fall on the bed. This entire sentence is shown below by Riya from the projector which surprises everyone present at the party.


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