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Abhi and Pragya lost in each other, this is how the two met

Abhi-Pragya has met after years on the Kumkum Bhagya show. The two get emotional after seeing each other.

Zee TV show Kumkum Bhagya is well liked by the viewers. Fans of the show Sriti Jha (Pragya) and Shabbir (Abhi) have been waiting for the union of the two for a long time. But years later, Abhi and Pragya meet. On the occasion of Ganpati festival, the two meet in a pandal. Where Abhi prays in front of Ganapati Bappa that he gets his Pragya. At the same pandal, Pragya was also present in this pandal. Then suddenly both of them meet each other.

While the thief is cutting the rope of the chandelier, Pragya sees it and she runs upstairs and grabs the severed rope. Everyone sees Pragya. Abhi also sees Pragya and runs upstairs and he also grabs the rope. Seeing both of them like this, Aaliya says in her mind- looks like a separated lover. Pragya and Abhi hold the two cut ropes of the chandelier and look at each other. The restlessness of both is clearly visible. They are very happy to see each other. In this way Pragya and Abhi meet. Abhi’s family is also happy to see Pragya. Thank you to Ganpit. Now we are going to see more new fun twists in further episodes.

Abhi and Pragya, looking at each other with restless eyes, will see new in the next episode

Seeing both of them like this, Aaliya thinks in her mind – looks like a separated lover. Pragya and Abhi hold the two cut ropes of the chandelier and look at each other. The restlessness of both is clearly visible. They are very happy to see each other.

Abhi sees Pragya

Pragya runs upstairs and grabs the severed rope. Everyone sees Pragya. Abhi also sees and runs upstairs and he also grabs the rope. Here Sarita listens to all the thieves who are planning to steal Ganpati’s jewelry.

Pragya is emotional after hearing Abhi’s voice

Abhi speaks while announcing- Pragya. On this, Pragya becomes very emotional, then she starts coming from where the voice starts to go, then Pragya is seen on those who steal the idol of Ganapati who are cutting the rope.

Maasi finds Pragya

Maasi asks Aaliya that when she sees Pragya, Aaliya says that she is not there, Pragya is not here. Abhi’s sister-in-law says that Pragya is here, I have seen her with my own eyes.

Deepik Singh performed dance performance in the show

The dance performance of TV actress Deepika Singh is performed in Kum Kum Bhagya’s Ganpati special show. Along with this, Karan Mahi is also seen supporting Deepika.

Abhi remembers her old days with Pragya

Abhi and Pragya dance together. But this is not a reality. Abhi misses the old days

Abhi-Pragya’s dance

In the show, Pragya-Abhi dance to romantic songs. This is a very special moment for Abhi-Pragya fans. Watch dance video

Alia’s fight with her sister-in-law

Aaliya fights with her sister-in-law as to why she told Abhi that Pragya is here. Sister-in-law says that Abhi must have already prayed to God for union with Pragya. There is nothing he and I can do

Abhi and Pragya are going to face

Abhi is shocked to hear his sister-in-law. Abhi becomes emotional and thanks Bappa. Abhi thanks sister-in-law and immediately sets out to find her.

Abhi’s sister-in-law saw Pragya

Pragya is noticed by one of Abhi’s family members. He starts searching for Abhi so that he can tell that Pragya is here. Abhi says why are you getting so upset? Abhi’s sister-in-law says that she has seen Pragya

Ritvik gave a great performance

Actor Ritvik also gave a bang-up performance in Kumkum Bhagya’s epic episode. Ritvik’s dance performance on Har Har Mahadev song was amazing

Distances will come between Ranbir Prachi

Ranbir proposes to Prachi. Reha is in the dark room, Ranbir realizes that she is Prachi and he says Iilavu. That’s when Reha makes Ranbir practice proposing him. Prachi gets upset hearing the things between the two

Raha got shocked after seeing the thieves

The thieves hide in the room to protect themselves from the police. Reha locks both of them in the room and says that it is good that both of them have come in the room, she has closed the door. Frightened by this, the thieves say to jump through the window of the room.

Thief looking for stealing jewelry

The thieves who came to Pandal as waiters are looking to steal Ganapati ji’s jewelry. The waiters talk among themselves that even the policeman is gone. Then Pragya goes to the caterers owner and says that she should identify all her waiters at one place, whether any outsider has come. The waiters owner says that he summons all the waiters

Preeti-Karan’s romantic performance of horoscope fortune

The show further showed that Preeta and Karan of Kundali Bhagya also give romantic performances. Both of them danced to the song. Karan and Preeta’s chemistry with new-found husband and wife in the show was worth watching

Ranbir will propose Prachi

On hearing Prachi’s talk, Reha goes to find out the truth of it. At the same time, Prachi thinks that Reha is doing wrong. He should tell this to his father. On the other hand, Ranbir is looking for a chance to propose Prachi by following Reha.
Prachi warns Reha

Prachi tells Reha that she is in danger. Prachi says that Reha fought two boys while fetching the idol of Lord Ganesha. Prachi says that she has seen those boys in the pandal. Prachi says that two people have come for you and they also have a knife in their hands.

Sarita told Abhi her suspicion

Sarita tells Abhi that something wrong is going to happen here. Sarita says that she knows Bholaram and has been in the catering business for two years and where he has been working for five years. In this case, he is suspicious

Sarita calls Pragya

Sarita calls Pragya and says that she has to do something important. Sarita tells Pragya that there is going to be a mess here, as all the waiters also leave after Pragya leaves the kitchen. Sarita says that when she asked two waiters, she said that Harish and Satish. In this case, two people of the same name. Pragya says that she goes and talks.

Shamita Shetty did a bang dance

Further, Shamita Shetty’s entry in the show. Shamita Shetty dances to the Marathi song ‘Apsara’. Shamita’s dancing steps and Marathi look are worth a look.

Knife falls from thief in front of Prachi

Prachi is narrating an incident with his friend Ranbir. Then a waiter (thief) comes in front of him and a knife falls from his hand. Prachi feels that he has come to take revenge from Reha. Then Prachi goes to tell this to Reha.

Reha talks to Ranbir

Reha tells Ranbir that if he talks angrily with Prachi, she will not talk to him. Reha says that he should immediately propose to her. Ranbir says it’s too early. But Reha refuses to listen to Ranbir and says he must propose Prachi

Prachi’s battle with Ranbir

Prachi comes in front of Ranbir only in the show. Prachi tells her not to talk to him all day. On hearing Prachi’s talk, Ranbir says that this is a matter of his heart, he will not go. Then Prachi falls in Ranbir’s arms. Prachi says that romantic song starts playing from behind, now Ranbir will leave. Raha is watching Ranbir and Prachi. Then Lal Ranbir angrily says that Prachi should not come in front of me, otherwise it will be very bad

Thieves enter the pandal

On the other hand, the waiters have given the stolen jewelry to Ganapati. That is when the police officer comes and tells Abhi that the thieves are roaming, in which case they should be saved That’s why the thieves wonder how he will remove the jewelery from Bappa

Abhi messengers Pragya

Abhi messes up Pragya and says that he is in Ganpati festival and if he is too, then they meet. Abhi writes to Pragya not to leave without meeting her. Pragya says that Shure. Pragya says that she wants to see together what is there in Abhi who has become a fan of Sarita and her daughter.

Dance of surabhi jyoti

In this, Naagin-3 actress Surabhi Jyoti gives dance performance. Surbhi dances to the song ‘Saki Saki’ at Ganpati Festival. Everyone enjoys Surbhi’s dance performance

Any trick running waiter?

That’s when a waiter is ready to do something wrong. The waiter gets a call from his boss. While the waiter is talking on the phone, Sarita comes there and gets scared. The waiter says that he is talking to his wife.

Sarita-Pragya in the kitchen

Pragya-Sarita goes to the kitchen to help. Where Pragya explains to the waiters that they should share their work and do not leave the guest empty.

Dance performance in Kumkum Bhagya

The show has a dance performance during the Ganpati festival. Some groups of children dance to disco songs on the screen. Abhi and Pragya enjoy the dance performance of children in different places.

Prachi became angry due to the matter of Reha

Reha starts crying after remembering her mother. Holding Pragya’s hand, Reha says that her mother is in front of her and not even told. Pragya gets shocked after listening to Reha. Prachi on the other hand feels jailed by seeing Ranbir with his friends.

Reha said to Pragya – thank you

Reha is happy to see Pragya at Ganpati festival and thanks Sarita-Pragya. Pragya tells Reha that she will get whatever she wants from Bappa this time. Upon hearing this, Praha becomes emotional and says that she asks for mother’s love every year but has not got it yet. Pragya becomes emotional after listening to Reha

Pragya asked Bappa to know what

Abhi says in front of Bappa that one of his daughters is away from his father and one daughter is away from his mother. But don’t keep your two daughters short of happiness. Then Pandit ji starts getting abducted from him, then Vikram stops him.
Entry in Pragya’s pandal

Now Pragya has been entered in the pandal. Pragya takes blessings with folded hands in front of Bappa. On the other hand, Kalwa is tied in the hand with Abhi Panditji.

Abhi asks Bappa for this

Abhi folds his hand in front of Ganapati ji and asks him to introduce Pragya. Because he feels that she is around him.

Ayushman Khurana took the blessings of Jitendra with Abhi

Abhi took blessings by touching Jitendra’s feet. Jitendra says that Kumkum Bhagya touched the heights. After this Ayushman Khurana and Nushrat Bharucha also touch Jeetendra’s feet. Jeetendra blesses the success of both upcoming films Dream Girl.

Abhi danced after Aarti

It is further shown in the show that Abhi and other family members dance to Marathi songs. There is an atmosphere of happiness all around on the arrival of Ganapati Bappa. But now Pragya is going to take an entry with daughter Prachi in the show

Ganesh Aarti performed by actor Jitendra

There is an entry of actor Jeetendra in the show. He performs Ganesh Aarti with all the stars of the show. Jitendra takes Bappa’s blessings with Abhi’s family. However Pragya has not yet entered the show

Ayushman Khurana’s entry in the show

Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana has entered the show for the promotion of his upcoming film Dream Girl. Ayushman calls Khurana Abhi and talks as Pooja. Abhi refuses to know Pooja. In such a situation, Ayushman Khurana and Nushrat Bharucha emerge and Nushrat tells that Ayushman Khurana is playing the role of Pooja in the movie Dreamgirl. By becoming a girl, Ayushmann removes everyone’s troubles and becomes everyone’s dream girl.

Abhi’s family celebrated

On the other hand, Abhi’s family also celebrates going to the pandal. Grandmother says that she has 4 votes, including Abhi’s vote. In this case, if their majority is more then all the families will go to the Ganesh festival

Sarita celebrated Pragya like this

Pragya persuades her landlady Sarita Ganesh to meet Mr. Mehra at the festival. Sarita says what address should she get her Sona Babu there. Upon hearing this, Pragya starts smiling and then Ganesh gets ready to go to the festival.

This is how the show started

Sarita and Prachi convince Pragya to go together to go to the Ganpati festival. However Pragya refuses to go to Ganesh Utsav. Sarita tells Prachi that she will convince Pragya to go to the festival. In such a situation, Prachi goes to get ready.


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