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The Episode begins with Purab disclosing to Abhi that Vikram’s words help him to remember somebody. Abhi asks whom. Disha asks CM for what reason did they come to Mehra Mansion as they had wanted to go to office. CM says they host gathering at home and on the off chance that we have kept honor work in office, at that point they wouldn’t have come and I would prefer not to postpone it further. Her secretary says that Mr. Kohli proposed us to come here.

Disha says I will bring record from the vehicle. Abhi gets some information about getting helped to remember whom? Purab says Pragya di. Abhi thinks Pragya is only one. Disha goes to the gathering. CM asks Abhi asks the capacity. Abhi says today is Purab’s marriage commemoration. CM tells Disha. Disha well done him with sorrowful eyes. Dil toota plays… .They take a gander at one another. Shahana takes a gander at Aryan and grins. Dimpy and Shaina grins taking a gander at him. Shahana supposes he is taking a gander at Dimpy. Shahana says I won’t leave her and is strolling towards Dimpy, when the last runs and falls on Aryan. Shahana gets steamed. Aryan goes behind her.

Dadi discloses to Beeji that she is exceptionally glad today. Beeji says everybody will deal with their relations. Dadi sees Disha and embraces her. Disha says she wanted CM’s obligation and says I didn’t think about her program here. Dadi says it is great that you didn’t have an inkling. Disha says atleast I met you. Beeji says I was conversing with Dadi about the present individuals who cherishes their life accomplice and weds another person. Disha says I think about a couple who cherished each other a great deal, however couldn’t remain together.

She says when relations breaks, at that point no one can unite those two individuals. Dadi says now and then relations get broken by mistaken assumptions. Disha says when a flame breaks out, at that point everybody gets influenced. Beeji says did anybody deceive you? Disha says never and says I thought I got the correct goal, however it wasn’t right. Beeji says did you get the goal. She says yes. Purab hears her and contemplates Hritik.

Rhea asks Ranbir to go to Prachi and intrigue her. he says he will break his farthest point today and goes to converse with Prachi. Prachi overlooks him which upsets Ranbir. Ranbir blows up on her and says he is her manager. Prachi says she is his dad’s worker and not his representative. Abhi asks Vikram for what good reason did he keep the honor work here when Anuradha isn’t coming. He says will I proceed to meet Sarita ji. Vikram says CM came to offer honor to you and Anuradha, and on the off chance that you don’t remain, at that point CM will feel awful. Abhi says alright.

Vikram reveals to Pallavi that Abhi is loving Prachi’s mum and needs to meet her. Pallavi discloses to him that Abhi still cherishes his better half and that is the reason he couldn’t proceeded onward. Vikram begins commending Prachi’s mum which makes Pallavi envious. She says more than Abhi, you are energized. Vikram says Prachi’s mum don’t get desirous and I like seeing you envious for me. Pallavi requests that he get back home and says she will demonstrate to him. Disha supposes she wouldn’t have come in the event that she had thought about the honor work here and thinks to give the ring back to Purab and leave.

Aryan discloses to Shahana that he was coming to meet her. Shahana says I saw you gazing at Dimpy. He says I was taking a gander at her. Aryan says next time, on the off chance that you see me taking a gander at any young lady, at that point let me know infront of that young lady. Shahana says what she will think? Aryan says she will believe that we are companions. Shahana asks would we say we are companions? He says yes and asks what you thought when I gazed at her. Shahana says I thought you like her. Aryan says Dimpy isn’t my sort and says he needs adorable and blameless young lady. He remembers something and keeps running from that point.

Sarita behen takes a gander at Aaliya and Purab’s pic. Pragya sees her and asks what is she doing in corridor? Sarita behen drops the pic being at scared of her. Pragya comes and sits with her. Sarita behen inquires as to for what reason didn’t you go to grant work. Pragya says how to disregard you. Sarita behen says I like you, and says my little girl resembled you when she was great. She says at whatever point she gets flawless inclination for her, at that point she calls her Anuradha. Pragya grins.

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