Kundali Bhagya 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Karan has entered the Prithvi’s house to gather evidence. Thawi has called the police to trap Karan. Police arrest Karan and take him with him.

Kareena grabs Srishti and Sameer while embracing each other and is very angry. Sameer and Srishti are afraid to see Kareena. Kareena threatens Sameer to complain to his family and send him back to the village. Seeing Kareena being bad about her, the creature tells that they are both just friends. Srishti tries to convince Kareena, but Kareena tells both of them that punishment will be given to both of them. After this, Kareena calls at the house of Lord Krishna.

The phone raises Janaki and her debate starts with Kareena. Kareena says to give the phone to Sarla. Janki lied to Kareena and she tells Sarala that she was sleeping. Karina tells Sarala to wake up. Junkie pretends to be Sarla and talks to Kareena while Kareena complains of creation. Janki tells Kareena that she should send Srishti home and asked Sameer to pack his bag because he is sending him to Punjab.

Srishti tells Kareena that she did not send Sameer to Punjab. On this, Kareena places the condition in front of the universe that she will have to build Rakhi to Sameer. Srishna Rakhi refused to wear. When Srishti comes home, Janki tells her that she talked to Kareena by becoming Sarla. Here, Karan goes inside Sherlin’s house by breaking the lock. The Prithvi has called the police to trap Karan. As she enters Karan’s house, Sherly calls for help, and enters Karan. Police arrest Karan and take him with him.


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