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A Person yells at Preeta asking her to prevent, it’s far Sophia she says that this wedding ceremony can’t take vicinity as Karan best belongs to her and cannot marry everybody else, Manisha says that she can’t wreck her wedding day each Manisha and Sophia get right into a fight and it get pretty intense, no none Is capable of recognizing what is going on. They get right into a fist fight and the quarrel takes a terrible form, Sophia says that it’s miles her proper, Rakhi comes in saying that Karan only belongs to her, she says that Sophia is the intellectual fan who was once with Karan, she is just a protracted misplaced chapter.

Sophia asks him to tell the truth to anybody, he does not recognize what she wishes him to say, she tells everybody that she is pregnant along with his child, he gets stunned to pay attention this.

Sherlin sees the body of workers and thinks That it’s far Billa, he fast runs away and thinks that Sherlin may have recognized him, if he goes again to jail he’s going to first train Prithvi a lesson. He sees Sherlin coming and hides, she thinks which he has run away and what if it becomes her creativeness however she doubts herself and goes again so she does no longer pass over the drama this is taking place.

Karan disagrees and swears to anybody that this can not occur and eh isn’t always the daddy of her toddler, she gets emotional and says that she knows that he won’t be interested but she is without a doubt telling the fact, Manisha disagrees and says that she and no person cares for her emotions, Sophia shows the scientific papers and the logs of the medical doctors to prove that he is the daddy of her toddler, Rishab sees them and additionally starts to impeach him.

Karan gest irritated and says that she ought to no longer inform lies, Sophia asks him if they met in a lodge two months ago, he gets taken aback pronouncing taught they met but there has been nothing among them and not anything can manifest, Manisha gets mad asking her to go away.

Rakhi comes up to Karna asking that he did incorrect, she even slaps him saying that he has performed and this is very wrong, she is going to console Sophia assuring that’s he’s along with her, she once more begins to scold Karan saying that’s he felt proud in the truth that she became his mother but he has prompted her to experience ashamed of him or even Sophia is ashamed. Rishab requests that she chill out and provide Karan a 2d chance however she says that he usually comes to face with Karan even if he is inaccurate that’s why he did any such heinous act.

Rakhi blames Rishab saying that it’s miles because of his unconditional love that has induced this, on one facet it’s far Manisha who is in the method of marrying her after which there’s Sophia who’s with a child, Rakhi gets very irritated and is stopped by means of Shrishti and Preeta.

Manisha and Sophia begin to argue over who is in love with Karan and need to get to marry him.
Shrishti and Preeta tell Rakhi that Sophia is with them and has come to shield Karan, Preeta inform her that the kid belongs to her, Rakhi receives bowled over to pay attention to this, Preeta ask Rishab to give an explanation for, he says that they all went to Sophia at her residence, sooner or later being able to convince her to assist them in saving Karan from Manisha by using pretending that she is about to turn out to be the mother of his infant,

Kartika takes the aspect of Karan pronouncing that he isn’t flirt however women roam around him, she thinks that he might have called her first but because she turned into now not within the city so he’s pressured to marry Manisha, Preeta and Rishab give an explanation for that it isn’t always by using love but forced as he became underneath stress to shop Rishab from prison.

Sophia at first is hesitant but after they guarantee that she could be saving Karan so she has the same opinion, Rakhi gets relieved to hear this, Mahesh tells everyone the good information.

Precap:- Sophia backs out from the plan and blames all people for it accusing Karan for doing something bad with Manisha.

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