Kundali Bhagya 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Preeta is in her room, she grabs the telephone and is stunned to see that Mahesh called her, she asks why he would have done it since he never does, she gets back to him however he doesn’t pick the call. Sherlin goes into the room, she considers where to begin her hunt yet then chooses to do It and think while she is looking on the grounds that there is less time, she experiences his records yet discover a photograph of Preeta, she blows up believing that he has still kept the photograph of Preeta notwithstanding when they are hitched, she tears the photograph

Sherlin again begins the inquiry she discovers some keys and after that gets a call from Prithvi. He inquires as to whether she has discovered the papers, she says that she has rather discovered some keys yet there is no sheltered, he makes her feel that she needs to check in the room of Rakhi in light of the fact that a kid just offers cash to his mom, Prithvi’s mom comes, she asks him his identity conversing with, he makes reference to that it is Preeta , she demands conversing with her he anyway comes up with the rationalization of low system, Sherlin blows up hearing their discussion requesting to converse with her however he makes her emphasis on finding the papers.

Sherlin closes the call and goes to the room of Mahesh and Rakhi, she opens the cabinet and finds the protected, she opens it, finding the papers of the organization and different reports, she begins to take a gander at the gems of Rakhi attempting some of them, she accepts that this has a place with her and Prithvi, as this of them, they likewise had this however it was taken from them by power so now they will likewise take it.

She imagines that now nobody will most likely prevent them from rendering their retribution, she goes to call them just to find that he is remaining there, she gets extremely anxious.

Preeta thinks the reason Mahesh could have called her however can’t discover any kind of answer, she thinks about whether everybody is alright and chooses to call Rishab, his telephone can’t associate so she calls Karan. He supposes why she is calling him since he wouldn’t like to converse with her, he picks the telephone asking what she needs to state, since he realizes that she will lie, she says that he should listen that she is the one coming clean and when he will com e to know about it at that point will feel regretful and embarrassed.

Samer comes and asks Karan for what reason he is as yet remaining outside, he gets stressed seeing him stunned, Karan answers that Preeta called and he is extremely irate to realize that despite everything she has the guts to call him, he leaves, Samer believes that it is all a direct result of Sherlin however she won’t escape as god is all viewing. He comes in and is furious requesting that her go out, she is sorry yet he gets considerably progressively irate referencing that a young lady of her status has no privilege to live in his home, she says that he can’t do this since she is his little girl in law, he anyway says that she isn’t commendable and must escape the house, he makes reference to that Sarla was coming clean, Sarla additionally observed her wedding some other person so she had her seized, she likewise attempted to murder Preeta however nobody confided in them, a family which constantly attempted to remain from them, she has rather demonstrated that she has no character, he specifies that he was interested in regards to her character however at this point ponders that he ought to have trusted Preeta and Karan when the two of them saw her in the lodging with some other person yet she refuted them by some way or another clearing out the video confirmation, he know realizes that she is smart. He says that he is sorry that they don’t have the foggiest idea about the individual, however he realizes that it is Prithvi and both these characterless individuals are coming into either his family or Preeta, the inquiry presently emerges why they are doing this since they ought to have gotten hitched themselves.

Sherlin attempts to shield herself saying that it isn’t her who is after Prithvi yet Preeta is after Rishab and now even she has gotten hitched so she is pursuing Karan, Mahesh blows up, he slaps her compromising her to not speak Preeta name.

Precap: Sherlin plans to flee yet when she achieves the entryway Preeta comes and slaps her, she attempts to get up however the Luthra family alongside the Auroras likewise come, she backs up siting on the sofa.


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