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Preeta injured in terrorist attack, Karan did something to save her life. In today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, it will be shown that a terrorist takes out a bomb and throws it at the place where Karan and Preeta are hiding together. After which Karan to save Preeta.

In the TV serial Kundali Bhagya, on one hand Karan and Preeta are seen hating each other from outside, while on the other hand, Karan is once again fascinated by Preeta. Today’s episode will show that the hideout of the hostages starts firing between the terrorists and the police, while a terrorist takes out the bomb and throws it to the place where Karan and Preeta are hiding together. It is shown in the promo that Karan has notices the bomb that he has.

After which, to save Preeta, he is seen running with his hands raised and hands Preeta to a doctor there. On the other hand, yesterday’s episode showed that an unhappy woman reminds Karan of an encounter with a terrorist, saying that when the terrorist slapped Preeta, how angry did she kill the terrorist who killed Preeta so much that she died There was a narrow escape. The woman asks Karan if he and Preeta are a married couple. On which Karan says that in Preeta’s hands, see if you can see even the wedding bangles in her hands. Now today it has to be seen whether Karan can save Preeta from terrorist attack or not.

Will Preeta be able to escape In the terror attack, the show will show that where the Karan and Preeta are hiding, the terrorist has thrown the bomb and Karan rushes to save Preeta with his hands in his hands. Now we have to see if Preeta will survive.

A few glimpses of today’s show Today’s upcoming episode is going to be very full of turn and twist, in today’s episode, Karan is seen running Preeta in the hands.

After leaving the hotel, there will be a new twist in the story, in the story of Kundali Bhagya, the audience may get a new twist because Karan and Preeta may have come close to each other many times in the hotel, during this time both of them love each other. Let’s realize it and they are together again.

Will Preeta be able to understand Karan’s love as Karan and Preeta are trapped in a hotel. During this time, an atmosphere was created when Preeta and Karan came very close to each other, but neither of them expressed their love. Now it has to be seen whether Preeta will be able to understand Karan’s love.

Karan’s heart is beating for Preeta, the show is being shown that Karan and Preeta are hating each other from outside, but Karan loves Preeta wholeheartedly, otherwise he has not done what he did Would do

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