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Shrishti alerts her to stop, Sarla blames Janki for ruining her daughter however Janki says that she has already a liar and so doesn’t want teaching, they both then run from her which makes Sarla get stressed.

Sherlin asks why he did this because she thought that he was calling a few goons and whilst he known as the police they got here an arrested Karan, he have to now not forget about that the house is ready to emerge as her in legal guidelines and now they will query her, she gets virtually irritated and asks the purpose he did this, He says that he thought it become the right desire and did what became necessary, she says that Karan has gotten arrested and now whilst they’ll reach the police station Karan will tell the truth and they may be in hassle.

She sits down, he also agrees that they’re in hassle, she starts to truants him after which he sits announcing that he idea that if he calls the goons they might do what Billa did and so she called the Police however did no longer think due to the fact he was panicking and so notion that it changed into the proper preference.

Mahesh gets a call from Mahesh who’s informed that Karan become arrested, Rakhi and Karina both also decide to go with him, Rishab drops Preeta and he or she asks him to name and tell her whilst Karna receives home so she may be anxiety loose, he says that he’s going to make him name her and make an apology, while they are speaking he gets a name from Mahesh who says that Karan has been arrested because he was breaking in someone’s house and have no longer informed who it changed into, both Preeta and Rishab additionally had toward the Police Station.

Shrishti and Sameer are talking of all of the madness which they did within the day, they begin to talk of what had passed off when Karina came and that they both have been capable of recognize their alerts and got free from the anxiety, they begin a quarrel over why she no longer placed the Rakhi on his hand, she ends the decision which truely annoys him and he says that he idea she cherished him and that changed into the best reason he prevented Karina shape sending him returned to his village.

Mahesh and Rakhi are looking to make the inspector understand that Karan would not do anything of the type due to the fact Sherlin is set to come to be his sister in regulation and he’s going to not do something of this sort.

Mahesh says that Karan went to her residence to give the card of the bachelors celebration, they are trying to make his going to Sherlin’s house possible however the officer does not concentrate and explains that he will only act based totally on evidence as he received a call from someone from her house and so will no longer let him cross.

Rishab scolds why does Karan do things that land him in prison, this can quit his profession if he continues on doing such things, Karan says that he saw them both , Rishab says that he is aware of that Prithvi is not an amazing man or woman however this doesn’t suggest that Sherlin is having an affair with Prithvi, Preeta also says that he is not continually proper an should investigate a remember first, Karan but yells at her announcing that he’s sure because he followed them form their residence and that they both went to her residence in the identical automobile and he is sure that there’s something taking place between them despite the fact that he isn’t always sure of the nature of the connection.

Rishab asks that he saw both Prithvi and Sherlin in her residence, he says hat he did no longer noticed them and is certain that they each had been together and they should make him come out of the locker, simply then Mahesh comes and says that the inspector has agreed to let him move on a situation that she come and take returned her bitch,. He says that none will visit her and ask for help, even if all of us attempt to make him realise he doesn’t pay attention.

Precap: Preeta is very mad with Karan and starts to cry, he hugs her in order that she can remain calm, Rishab is very indignant and says to Sherlin that he will now not marry a lady that problems such hideous complain towards his brother.

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Kundali Bhagya 12 April 2019
Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2019
Kundali Bhagya 12 April
Kundali Bhagya 12th April


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