Kundali Bhagya 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sherlin drove in a hurry, she couldn’t as well connect to Prithvi’s phone. She prayed Sarla receives a coronary heart attack, or Preeta faints; in any other case Prithvi’s mother shall die. She decides to call Prithvi’s mom. Prithvi’s mother become curt to look Sherlin’s name. She tells Sherlin she stored her wide variety so that she by no means gets Sherlin’s smartphone name; however today she best wanted to inform her that Prithvi is now marrying a nice woman. Sherlin threatens her that now she need to do what she needs her to. Prithvi’s mom tells Sherlin she is extraordinarily satisfied these days, and can even pay her sufficient alms although Sherlin is right here to dance. She always needed for Preeta as a daughter in law. Preeta isn’t criminal like Sherlin. Sherlin insists she isn’t a crook, she loves Prithvi and is coming over to stop Prithvi’s wedding ceremony. Prithvi’s mom became determined she received’t permit Sherlin intrude in her son’s wedding ceremony. She wasn’t being threatened as she knew Sherlin’s fact. Prithvi lay unconscious in a room while his mother stood out of doors.

Shrishti brings Sameer to a aspect. She tells him she favored it that Rakhi blessed Preeta and her groom. Sameer murmurs whilst she is aware of about the groom, she will like and even love her brother in regulation. Shrishti asks if he has gone crazy. She tells Sameer she was truely happy that Rakhi got here over, she acknowledges the significance of each relation. Sameer likewise got here to the marriage, however he need to now go away before Karan is irritated with him. Sameer says he’s going to stay until the marriage is complete. Shrishti hugs Sameer. Prithvi’s mom comes to take Shrishti, even as Sameer wonders what he became doing.

Shrishti tries to convince Prithvi’s mom to break the marriage, as Karan and Preeta had an affair. Prithvi’s mother turned into quizzical, but Sarla takes her for Gathbandhan. Sameer comes from in the back of and thinks he can’t let Prithvi’s mom do the Gathbandhan. He sneezes loudly, then requests Prithvi’s mom that Preeta wish Sarla does her Gathbandhan; she shouldn’t thoughts please. Prithvi’s mother fortunately fulfils Sarla’s wish. Karan wonders if Sameer has long gone loopy, it should only be finished in a rush. Sarla changed into emotional. Shrishti turned into curt why Preeta didn’t percentage this sort of massive want along with her, that that Sameer most effective. earlier than the Gathbandhan, Sherlin reached the wedding and calls to forestall this. Shrishti changed into glad at her arrival, Prithvi’s mom alert while Karan worried.

Sherlin tells the groom to leave the marriage Mandap, he can’t marry Preeta. Sarla stops Sherlin from shifting in advance. She comes to tug Sherlin behind and questions why she got here over. Sherlin replies she came right here to defend her family. She tells Pandit to percent the luggage and go away. Shrishti changed into glad but Sameer questions why Sherlin desires to forestall this wedding, they won’t listen to her. Sherlin scoffs that Sameer is likewise right here, he must were invited to the wedding. Sarla stops Sherlin and joins her palms, warning Sherlin to leave her daughter’s wedding. Sherlin deters Sarla ought to do something she want to, she won’t prevent the marriage. She walks to the stage and moves the groom to go away the Mandap. Karan thinks Sherlin will soon apprehend it’s now not Prithvi. Sarla comes to drag Sherlin in the back of and says she will be able to now behave to her in a way she deserves. She turned into about to push Sherlin out of the wedding. Sherlin calls Prithvi to see what’s taking place to her, she has a few relation with him in any case. everybody look closer to the groom. Sherlin says this shock was extremely critical, she supposed she is friend-alike for Prithvi. Sarla warns Sherlin to call police. Sherlin says she gained’t leave this vicinity, Preeta need to depart this region with police in any other case. She seems in the back of. The police had entered the wedding hall. Karan wonders what’s taking place here, if Sherlin brought the police to prevent his wedding ceremony from Preeta. The police inquires about Preeta Arora.

Precap: Preeta asks the groom if he trusts her that she didn’t scouse borrow something. Karan holds her hand from behind the veil.


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