Kundali Bhagya 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Karan, burning in the fire of revenge, will spread Sholay under Preeta’s feet, she will show her true form as soon as she takes off

In the show Kundla Bhagya is going to be seen cheating Karan Preeta. In today’s episode, Preeta will get a big shock after the wedding is over. Karan is forcibly married to Preeta. Preeta does not know about this. Preeta will not look happy with her marriage due to deception. But Karan will not be any less, he too will start showing his form immediately. Karan is now married to Preeta to take revenge on her. Karan says Preeta spoiled her life.

Preeta is in love with Karan, but due to her self-respect, she does not want to compromise. But Karan did not want to let Prithvi marry her. In such a situation, while walking, he put the earth to sleep in the room and he locked himself in the pavilion instead of the earth.

Meanwhile Rakhi (Karan’s mother) realizes that there is only Karan as the groom. Rakhi holds the hand of Preeta and Karan to give her blessings. Then she gets shocked. Now Karan is scared at that time and he is shocked to see how mother got here at the wedding. Just as Karan survives and the marriage ends.

Now when Karan removes his head from the moment he ends the wedding, everyone will be shocked and ask about the earth where he went. Only then will Earth threaten to come there and blame both Karan and Preeta for this. Karan will say that Preeta has done tricks with him to disrespect him, Preeta has done all this. So right there he will also try to scramble with Karan. Only then will Kane say about Sherlyn, but here again a new twist will come in the story.


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