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Rakhi and anybody starts to invite, Karan is not able to apprehend what’s occurring, Karina comes and says that it is Sophia whose lifestyles has ruined, Preeta also comes calling him a liar, they all begin in charge him and so he’s cornered, Karan then takes a sigh of remedy, Rishab is available in pronouncing that they cannot allow any lady to face oppression, Rakhi says that the child may be just like Karna,, Karina asks her to forestall.

Dadi is going to invite Sophia if she is aware of that the child is a boy or lady, as that she desires to decide the call of the child and has even done so, she tells the names making everybody joyous. Karan apologizes to her and that they hug every different, she thinks of what they had planned concerning the fake tears, she thinks of the serviette and takes it out, Manisha receives angry asking her to prevent this fake appearing, Rakhi acts shouting at Manisha, Shrishti because it’s miles getting out of hand steps in and takes the side of Rakhi.

Manisha says that she does no longer take care of whatever and could marry Karan irrespective of what the state of affairs, Shrishti says to her mother and father that in the event that they move on with the wedding than the kid may also curse them, her parents request that she again out from this marriage, she asks them to now not say anything like this, Preeta factors that they’re her dad and mom and will never think about something that is incorrect for her, she says that after the media will come to the hall they will do the whole lot in their electricity to make a headline of her scenario.

Rakhi tries to give an explanation for what is going to show up and gets harassed in the scenario, Dadi says that Manisha must forestall and he or she will discover a someone e new, she makes her sit with him, Manish says that she wants to talk and takes Sophia with her to the room.

Inside the room, Manisha asks Sophia to pick a dress as she I about to marry Karan, she says that she did no longer recognize that she will get Karan so easily.

All of the circle of relatives are very glad to save Karan, Rakhi says that she wants to celebrate, Rishab disagrees announcing that if Manisha discover than they’ll get in a real hassle, Karna comes and asks whose concept it changed into, Preeta says that it becomes her, he receives angry and blames her from ruining his lifestyles by way of bringing Sophia and making her say that she is pregnant together with his toddler,. Rishab factors to the fact that they did all this to save his lifestyles from Manisha.

Rishab says that he doesn’t understand anything but what if Samer has accomplished something, Karna asks him to attention, he says that he is in a totally awful scenario due to the fact he is in a do or die situation and that if Manisha does no longer marry him than she will be able to make sure that Sophia marries him, Shrishti says that she can now not because it’s for the dream of every woman; that her circle of relatives is with her in her marriage.

Manisha asks Sophia to pick a get dressed due to the fact she desires to marry her, she says that she isn’t a chilly girls and could no longer steal the father of her toddler, she starts to create suspense I n the corInry heart of Sophia, she asks her out of interest, Manisha replies that she became mole stated by way of Karan and who could have concept that she would be denied the proper to marry Karna even after he turned into the purpose in the back of her humiliation. Manisha says that she cherished him in every step of his life, even though she loves him. she can again out for her because she has made her pregnant, Manisha warns her that she should do everything for her baby due to the fact Karan loves Preeta and wants to marry her.

Rakhi plans that what is going to occur if Sophia comes to a decision to alternate facets, Preeta explains that they’ve advised Sophia what she has to say and even if she receives careworn than they will say that.

Precap: Sophie and Manisha come again, she takes the aspect of Manisha in front of everybody.

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