Kundali Bhagya 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sanjana strolls in, she hears Sherlin’s voice and goes up stairs, Mahesh says that he can’t pardon her since she is pregnant with another person’s youngster, Sanjana is stunned to perceive what’s going on among Mahesh and Sherlin, She argues that she will attempt to be a decent spouse and take a new beginning, Sanjana plans to make tracks in an opposite direction from the Luthra family, she additionally chooses to contract another attorney as her little girl will before long need it.

Mahesh answers that he isn’t moved by her words, he realizes that Rishab adores Preeta, Sherlin was only a slip-up and he will do everything to address the off-base which his family has made, he leaves Sherlin. Karan is inside the Mandir, Rishab asks what the issue is, he says that Preeta called him yet his telephone was turned off, Pandit asks where Mahesh is, they all stressed in light of the fact that he isn’t noting his telephone, Karina chooses to content him, educating the whole occurrence.

Preeta is admonishing Karan for his conduct, Shrishti comes asking what the issue is, she clarifies that whole episode that occurred with him, she says that Mahesh called her yet she was not ready to reply, she got stressed supposed Rishab however his telephone was additionally turned off, she needed to call Karan despite the fact that she would not like to yet he as opposed to tuning in to her began to express awful words which irritated her, she is feeling frustrated about the young lady who should wed Karan due to his frame of mind, she leaves the room, Shrishti likewise feels stressed reasoning that Preeta is enamored with Karan, she additionally has experienced passionate feelings for and now does not comprehend what to do.

The Pooja is proceeding, Kartika is considering what Sherlin stated, she leaves the Pooja, Chachi goes to ask her what the issue is, she discloses that Tanvi went to her room, she was terrified of Sherlin, not ready to tell anything, she additionally went out without telling anybody however Rakhi that she was debilitated and need to go, Chachi is certain that it was not affliction but rather dread of Sherlin that lead to her going out, she guarantees Kartika of an arrangement which she has created and will advise her after the Pooja generally Rakhi will wind up suspicious.

Preeta is calling Mahesh she is stressed in light of the fact that he isn’t noting his telephone, Mahesh picks the call, Preeta apologizes to him inquiring as to whether everything was okay, Preeta inquire as to whether everything was land, he imagines that regardless she thinks about his family even subsequent to everything that has occurred, she again asks him, he specifies that all is well and he needs to meet her to apologize, he requests that her pause or him as he is going to her home where he will clarify everything, she likewise guarantees that she will sit tight for him. Preeta ponders what has happened which has made such outrageous pressure Mahesh, she is sitting tight for him.

Shrishti is with Janki who asks her what she is supposing, she clarifies that everything has achieved such a depressed spot, that she doesn’t see how to address it, Janki specifies that nothing is such off-base, Shrishti advises her beginning and end that has occurred between the two families, she clarifies that she is attempting to discover an answer while every other person is taking a gander at the issues, she clarifies that she has intended to defer her wedding.

Precap: Sherlin flees, everybody pursues her, she takes Preeta as prisoner tolerating that she is pregnant with the offspring of the individual whom she adores, referencing that it is Prithvi, Preeta is left paralyzed.


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