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The inspector explains that he has to arrest Preeta, She has been charged with stealing a necklace, Shrishti receives indignant saying that he has lost his mind, Sarla pleads that her daughter is very righteous pleading that if it became him and huis daughter changed into the only getting married could he nevertheless do it, he is of the same opinion but mentions that in the event that they locate some thing while searching the house he’ll ought to arrest her, Sarla takes her to their residence.

Preeta is status with Sherlin who asks her why she is concerned, she solutions that she has no longer taken some thing so could not be afraid, she asks Karan if he trusts her believing that it’s miles Prithvi. he is taking her hand however she gets frightened and leaves.

Sherlin meets Prithvi’s mom tough that she has stopped the wedding, his mom replies that the wedding has been postponed and now no one can give up their relation.

Sherlin is set to stroll upstairs but the lady officer comes asking that she has been known as.
Karina is siting with Sanjana, she mentions that she may be very glad to recognise that Preeta us eventually getting married, Sanjana solutions that she concept that when Preeta become thrown out of their residence then she would no longer come, Karina explains that she has made a very deep relation which cannot be broken, Sanjana gets concerned thinking that it can have been so but her daughter might no longer let it occurthey all arrive at the residence, the inspector may be very angry bringing up that if they’re no longer capable of find the necklace then they’ll additionally check the family participants, every body gets irritated, Sarla begins to apologize to the only who is behind the veil, he doesn’t answer Karan thinks that he could say it but cannot, Shrishti comes but Sarla orders her to leave, she tries to take Preeta but Sherlin stops her, she say bad things and is going to the kitchen, Preeta additionally asks Prithvi to speak, Samer receives involved and takes him with him.

Dadi is in her room searching on the snap shots of Preeta, Rishab comes from at the back of, he gets definitely concerned and ask her what the matter is, she mentions that she is remembering her memories, Rishab says that he knows she desires to visit her wedding however isn’t going due to Karan, he pleads that she forget about the entirety and if she desires to pass then he’s going to take her due to the fact he’s the elder son, Dadi says that she is aware of Preeta is a superb medical doctor and man or woman however with what took place together with her of their house she can by no means think about going yet desires to give her blessings to her so will do it from her hop use, she breaks down and starts to cry.

Karan takes out the veil, he says that he’s positive Sherlin is aware of he is the only in the back of the veil so she has come to stop the marriage, Samer says that if she knew then could have informed everybody, he mentions that if she could have informed then they might ask her however then she could now not be capable of come lower back to their residence, he says that he’s going to marry her at any cost, Karan orders Samer to go again asking Rakhi if she has clearly lost such an high-priced necklace due to the fact nobody can forget about this type of component, Samer hugs him earlier than leaving additionally informing him to stay positioned and now not come out till it’s far certainly important.

Shrishti asks Janki why she is looking like this, she explains that she is questioning if she is on her facet, Shrishti asks what took place, Janki mentions that Sherlin has absolutely stopped the marriage which has helped her motives, Shrishti says that Preeta gets married to him as quickly because the police walks out.
Preeta comes saying that why is she considering that Sherlin doesn’t want her to get married with Preeta, Shrishti says that she is having an affair with him, Preeta replies that he doubted her intentions most effective as soon as which harm them so what could he feel whilst she is continuously pronouncing bad things, Shrishti explains that she has were given the mobile of Prithvi which he left on the Mandap, he got a call which become named as hazard and it’s far Sherlin.

Precap: Preeta asks Karan who’s at the back of the veil, why he remained quiet as she feels he knows Sherlin came to stop the wedding.


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