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Billa is seeking out Prithvi and is not able to locate him, Prithvi comes and thinks if Manisha will lower back out from the wedding and what will appear if Sophia concurs to marry Karan, Billa attempts to kill him from the back however isn’t always able to, he sees the police inspector and hides.

The inspector suspects that he has met Prithvi at a few beyond time, Prithvi says that it isn’t always authentic however Inspector is adamant, Prithvi leaves from the region.

Every person is involved about what’s taking place among Manisha and Sophia, Shrishti says ha Sophia has ruined the game of Manisha and she or he is ruined, Rakhi has the same opinion that Karan ought to marry Sophia because she is ready to emerge as the mom of Karan’s child, they may be honestly trying to tease him. Prithvi gets mad listening to this and wonders that they may be truly gambling a recreation with him.

Sophia and Manisha come back, Sophia ask if they love Manisha so much than why are they trying to break their marriage, she blames them for mendacity and asks why did they not inform what Karan did to her, she blames Karan and vows ot marry him and Manisha at any value.
Manisha mom is left bowled over, Manisha explains what she did and why Sophia agreed to returned out from the marriage. Sophia palms her lower back the bangles assuring that Karan might be hers, she leaves from the wedding.

Manisha arms Preeta the bangles saying that she was purported to make her wear them, anybody is pressured about what they ought to do. Prithvi gets very happy seeing how the whole lot tuned out in his favor.

Karan and the Luthra own family are all truly unhappy at this wedding, Manisha is satisfied to look that the Luthras are unhappy because Karan is marrying her, everyone is sad.

Rakhi takes Manisha forcing her to relaxation however he does now not agree saying that she is already glad, Manisha asks Dadi to permit her hug her even if all of them attempt to forestall her from hugging Dadi however she is adamant, taking the advantage of the moment hugs her clearly hard which hurts her, Rakhi seeing this pushes her away. Manisha says that they are going to be truly awful along with her as they’re already torturing her.

She makes them recognize that she will be able to spoil them at any given moment and so in the event that they stand in opposition to her than she will be able to make their lifestyles miserable and will not hesitate at any given time. Rakhi asks Dadi to come with her.

Karan may be very angry asking why they protected Sophia due to the fact they are becoming right into a huge hassle. He asks them to make plans that includes his most effective crew members, he receives sincerely paranoid even no longer taking note of Rishab, he says that they’re zero in the front of Manish, Rishab receives irritated but Karan says that they’re all paranoid and can’t apprehend what’s going to happen to him if Manisha marries him as he might be a puppet in her fingers.

Preeta asks him to forestall and examine simply her pronouncing that Manisha hatred is not larger than their love, Karan doesn’t apprehend what she simply stated, Preeta says that they all are with him and will do some thing they could because they take care of him, she additionally factors to the truth that it is very critical for her to prevent the marriage.

Rishab asks Preeta why is it critical for her to forestall this marriage, she tries to mold her phrases, Karan stops her asking what’s it vital for her, she says that she wants him for herself, Karan thinks of while he requested Manisha concerning what she said to him.

Preeta assures that she desires to take revenge from him and might now not allow him marry that silly lady as they will then lose their friendship.

Karna says that if Preeta desires that they both be collectively than she have to go away Prithvi as than she will be able to need him to store her, this will quit their friendship Rishab receives a call and leave s.
Karan sees Preeta in a romantic fashion.

Prithvi is on foot while the Inspector comes and ask that he isn’t able to recognize in which they have got met, Prithvi says that he has met in the police academy, the police but isn’t always convinced and says that he can not do not forget, Prithvi says that it become the Mumbai police and.

Precap: Karina warns Manisha to no longer stand in front of her, Manisha says that she desires to recognise who employed her to blame Karan pointing towards Sherlin.

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