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Maira is stressed over what Preeta will do to stop her wedding, she intends to deal with her, She at that point considers what Sherlin is doing as she didn’t come to meet her.

Sanjana, alongside Karina and Ramona are rehearsing the melodies when Rakhi comes in approaching on the off chance that they have arranged for the wedding, they begin to examine about the presentation which they had when they were In the montage and it was at the gathering where everybody felt that Karina was a hotshot, Sherlin is strolling past then when they stop her requesting that her come and hit the dance floor with them, yet she demands that she has some work to do, they at that point get some information about Risahb however she lies clarifying that she ahs conversed with him and he will come very soon, she arrives at the steps at that point imagines that she lied in light of the fact that else they would have called Rishab which would have just made issues for Prithvi.

Sameer comes out of the restroom and doesn’t see Karan then he comes out chancing upon Maira who begins to have a battle with him, he lies saying that Karan is in the washroom, and shje can go in, at that point thinks the injustice she is battling with him, he believes that karan may have utilized the window to leave and it may be a direct result of Preeta.

Karna is in the vehicle imagining that on the off chance that Preeta had educated him before, at that point he would have had the option to spare his sibling and gratitude to Shrishti who educated him however feels that it was not her but rather Sameer.

Rishab awakens and he is tied in the seat however he additionally observes Preeta and says to holler at the criminal requesting that he not contact Preeta in any case Risahb would not think before hurting him, the hijacker gets distraught saying that he has truly been baffled since he seized him became Preeta came after them, he bolts both of the entryways.

Shrishti is calling Sameer and it associates the two of them are on the video call, Sherlin is next to the entryway and tunes in to their whole discussion, Shrishti clarifies that it was a direct result of her that Karan came to know it all and now he has gone to spare them both in light of the fact that Preeta saw that somebody hijacked Rishab, Sherlin gets stressed at that point hurries to call him.

She is in her room imagining that he doesn’t hear her out and consistently does what he loves which would land him in a difficult situation, she attempts to call him, yet he decays then she calls him with the landline.

Prithvi is in his vehicle he feels that he will compel Rishab to sign the property papers as though he won’t listen then he will take steps to slaughter him, he is extremely certain that Risahb will sign the papers for him,

He gets a call from the landline at that point noting it comes to realize that it is Sherlin, she requests that he hand over Rishab as else it would make a ton of issue for them both, the two of them get into a contention and he closes the call, she understands that she couldn’t educate him that Karan has come to know about his hijacking, she again attempts to call him yet he decays.

Preeta awakens and attempts to break free yet can’t before that the ruffian comes in and requests that her see that Risahb is likewise truly stressed for her, he says that the rooms are without sound so nobody would have the option to hear them out, Rishab asks her for what good reason ahs she come to help him as he can deal with himself. The hijacker yells at them before shutting the entryway.

Sameer is attempting to call Karan however he doesn’t reply, he thinks about an explanation which would have incited them to abduct Rishab, he additionally imagines that if Preeta knew than for what reason did she not call him, he considers what he can do yet Rakhi hears it and drops the plate, she quickly runs back to the others.

Sherlin strolls down from the steps when Maira comes asking her for what good reason did she not go to the patio however before the two of them can finish their discussion then Rakhi comes in stun, she advises then that Rishab has been seized and he won’t return. She at that point blacks out directly before them.

Karan arrives at the compound where Prithvi likewise instructs simultaneously then he escapes karan, he considers hitting karan yet can’t make him oblivious at that point hurries to bring an explosive which he tosses at karan however it doesn’t execute him, at that point he covers up karan.

Sherlin arrives at the kitchen believing that she can’t get out off the house considerably in the wake of endeavoring, Maira likewise goes to her and is inflexible that Maira has hijacked Risahb yet Sherlin doesn’t utter a word and leaves.

Sarla goes into the house where she sees Sherlin she asks her where Preeta is and what has befallen her, Sherlin attempts to prod her however then clarifies that in the event that Preeta was in the Luthra chateau, at that point it would not be so quiet, Sarla goes out.

The criminal is sitting tight for his supervisor who shows up and inquires as to for what reason is he despite everything wearing the protective cap to which he says that it isn’t a result of decision yet he can’t evacuate it, Prithvi causes him, they choose to keep him with Preeta as he is as yet oblivious. He goes to meet Risahb.

Sameer is attempting to help Shrishti break free in light of the fact that Sarla has bolted her inside, he is almost going to open it when Sarla additionally returns, they are going to open the window when Sarla goes into the room, it is difficult for them to cover it up to which Shrishti makes reference to that Preeta is with Anuraga and she thought about it, and the two of them cooperate and may be having espresso.

She is sorry to Sarla saying that she will come in the wake of taking a force rest to which Sarla likewise concurs, she begs Sarla to not bolt her once more.

The criminal carries karan to the live with Preeta and furthermore ties him before leaving, Preeta awakens and can’t compensate for what has happened she feels that she may be staring off into space of him and for what reason is he seeing karan when she was with Risahb, she understands that it is truly karan and attempts to wake him, she attempts to wake him by hitting him in the feet to which he inquires as to for what reason is she hitting him, Preeta asks the explanation he came to which he furiously discloses he came to spare her, the two of them recall the minutes which they had spent together helping each other in the midst of hardship.

Prithvi goes into the room where Rishab is held hostage, he puts a blade on his neck to which he clarifies that they can talk, Prithvi takes the blade at that point believes that on the off chance that he says anything, at that point Rishab would come to realize that it is Prithvi , he leaves the room which makes Rishab dubious.

Preeta says that he came to spare her yet karan specifies that he came to spare his sibling from her, the two of them begin to fight, Preeta is resolute that he doesn’t have any error which she has made, he clarifies that she could have called him, yet he attempts to come up with a rationalization before clarifying that he was occupied with his Mehndi work, the two of them stop as it makes a bizarre second.

Prithvi goes to the hijacker requesting that he give him the supari which he had given him, at that point he slaps him, the criminal clarifies that his sister in law has woken up after which Prithvi ment6ions that he is the primary individual to call her with that name.

He takes it at that point heads to the live with Preeta. He heads into the room and karan is stunned the two of them fight and he state that he grabbed him however Preeta specifies that it isn’t the individual who hijacked them both.

Preeta sees the blade at that point calls him closer, however karan begins hollering, she imagines that in the event that he remains very just, at that point will she have the option to take his blade, when she is going to make it he takes a stride back and says Preeta Jee, the two of them can’t consider what has occurred, he promptly pursues back saying that it isn’t ideal to take it out.,

Prithvi runs back reasoning that the main explanation he is sheltered is a direct result of Preeta, Prithvi chooses to search for Rana who is in a discussion with Sherlin, she takes Prithvi then heads back inside.

Somebody comes in the house where she hears Prithvi and Sherlin discussing the grabbing of the Luthra siblings and Preeta, Sherlin inquires as to whether he imagines that it is a joke yet Prithvi says that he won’t stop as he has made a ton of plans during the current day and would do anything he can to accept their property as himself.

Shrishti and Sameer consider where they are as else, they would not have the option to discover them, she calls them both saying that they should have discover them all, Shrishti and Sameer express gratitude toward her before she leaves.

Preeta and karan get into a battle saying over who is looking who, he says that he is a hotshot, Preeta begin to shout saying that he should accept her from the room as else she would not have the option to live in the room, Karan says that she truly enjoys the covered man, he additionally reprimands her for the abducting in light of the fact that she called Shrishti who called Sameer however he addressed it, the two of them attempt to loosen up free and she breaks.

Prithvi goes into the room where Sherlin says that he ought not have seized Karan as now the whole Luthra family will come, she makes reference to that Preeta is extremely shrewd and will support them.

Prithvi says that he has kept them aside, he goes to satisfy his arrangement, Rana comes in, Sherlin slaps him.

Prithvi indeed returns to the room where Rishab is who is stunned to see him. Prithvi says that he truly enjoys him this day as he will be the reason for him getting rich, Rishab guarantees that he will ensure that nothing incorrectly happens to him and he will give him a great deal of cash.

Maira begins hollering at Sherlin asking where she is , Maira continually gripes that Preeta is the one behind the abducting, she requests that her state something, Sherlin sees both Sameer and Shrishti coming she at that point stows away, Maira considers what she can do now. Sherlin figures what she should do now as his arrangement would somehow or another come up short as she needs him to have what he needs.

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