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Karan says that he is going to devour as he is hungry, Shrishti tries to stop him however he making contrast leaves them each, Preeta comes arguing that she changed into now not able to locate Sherlin and she by way of the present time could be really drugged. She ask her buddy to await some time so she will be able to locate Sherlin.
Preeta is looking for Sherlin when she sees Prithvi, once they get nearer she is ready to fall and he catches her, he tried to romance along with her and while is set to kiss her she slaps him and starts offevolved to scold him for his manner less conduct, He does no longer recognize what to do after which explains that he became drugged and has by no means performed whatever like this along with her, he apologizes to her asking that he’s going to by no means do anything like this again, he leaves after this.
Karan comes and while he sees that she

is crying, he gets concerned and at once asks her what the problem is, she thinks of what she will inform him becaus3e she does no longer recognise why she feels tensed when Prithvi touches her. Karan again asks her but she denies it, he forces her to inform the truth.
Prithvi is angry with himself for doing such matters with peat, eh receives at ease wondering that she might be his after their marriage but till then he must manipulate his emotions, he says that she is the correct wife cloth.
Preeta asks he will do some thing to the man or woman, however then thinks that if she says the call of Prithvi so he’s going to combat with him due to the fact he hates him, Karan does no longer apprehend and once more asks her what the problem is, she makes an excuse of the Sherlin case announcing that it become due to her that Sherlin got here to their residence and she tried to repair it.
He makes her recognise that she turned into not at fault and Rishab also had his mind and might have taken his selection after thinking, so she should stop blaming herself, he makes a laugh of her and after that leaves citing that he additionally has lots of fans who’re awaiting him.
Sarla brings Janki to the room asking her if she has drinked Bhang, however whilst she lies, Sarla doesn’t recognize what she will be able to do with Bi jee and Janki as they each are very infantile. She is about to go but Janki makes fun of her and leaves leaving Sarla tensed.
Prithvi reaches the rom and thinks of what Sherlin may be doing in the room, he deices to move and take a look at best to discover that they each are subconscious, eh gets angry and so thinks of doing the whole lot by himself, he makes them each lie on a position as a way to make anybody comprehend that they’re in a dating, Prithvi thinks that now everyone will suppose that they’ve some thing between them, and he will wreck Rishab due to the fact that is what he did to him.
Prithvi says that Sherlin has performed his component and now he’s going to call absolutely everyone to reveal the photograph so that he can create a scene. He thinks of a new plan and at once leaves.
Preeta meets health practitioner and tells her that she changed into no longer capable of find Sherlin, health practitioner says that she is taking part in herself and is she virtually associated with Prithvi, she makes fun of her engagement saying that became she now not able to discover all of us better, Preeta gets apprehensive and then they’ve a fun.
Prithvi reaches the corridor and makes anyone trust that the corridor in on hearth, he makes it extra threatening by announcing that Rishab became also there, absolutely everyone rushes to the hall to store Rishab.
Prithvi is very glad to peer that his plan is working very well, he without delay is going there and thinks that he can have to call anybody to lead them to accept as true with that Rishab and Sherlin have some thing before their marriage.
Karan is trying to put the hearth out, Prithvi attempts to leave however Karan stops him and attempts to insult him, he says that if Prithvi had stopped the fir e just while it started out then they might have saved the house,
Precap Upcoming Kundali Bhagya episode update: every person is going to Rishab’s room and spot that he’s so close with Sherlin, all of them get amazed to see that.


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