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Preeta kept Karwachauth’s vow for secretly – now the romance will start in the show, the distances will start to fade away! In today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta will keep it fast for Karan by hiding from the family, due to which she will have to face sharp questions of the family.

Karan and Preeta’s chemistry in the TV serial Kundali Bhagya is well liked by the audience. On one side in the show, Karan and Preeta are seen hating each other from outside, while on the other hand, Karan is once again fascinated by Preeta. In today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, we may get to see a bang twist. Karwachauth is going to come and on this special occasion Preeta will definitely fast for Karan. It will be shown in the show that Preeta is fasting for Karan but will be seen trying to hide this thing from the family, due to which all the families will be seen questioning Preeta.

This time Preeta will listen to her heart instead of listening to people. Preeta realizes that Karan loves her but is showing intentional hatred. Now it has to be seen what is the turning point in Karan and Preeta’s love story, whether Karan will be able to express his love to Preeta by forgetting the past. In the last episode of Kundali Bhagya, we saw that Karan and Preeta have escaped from the trap of terrorists in the hotel but during the shootout, Preeta gets injured and Karan takes Preeta to the hospital with her hands and hands her to the doctor. During this, Karan realizes his love for Preeta but still he is unable to say anything to Preeta.

The distance between Preeta and Karan will be reduced, her mother’s decision to keep Preetha Karwachauth will be called madness. First, Preeta will not let anyone know about it. But this secret will be revealed in front of everyone, only then Karan will get emotional for Preeta.

Preeta will fast for Karan When Preeta arrives in the red couple to see the moon, then everyone will know that Preeta has fasted for Karan. Preeta listens to her heart every time. This time too Preeta’s heart will say something that she will listen to. Preeta will feel that if she keeps the fast, then she will be seen fasting for Karan.

Preetha’s first karvachauth wants to celebrate with pomp, Rishabh wants to celebrate Prita’s first karvachauth with pomp, Rishabh: While Rishabh loves Preeta, Sherlyn hates her. In such a situation, there is a fight between Sherlyn and Rishabh. She says that Preeta ruined Karan’s life and you want to celebrate her karvachauth with pomp. So Rishabh says there and looks at Sherlyn in shock.

Rishabh gets angry after listening to Sherlyn, it will be special for Preeta, this Karvachauth Rishabh loves Preeta, in which Sherlyn does not know. Rishabh is disturbed by Sherlin’s poor tricks. When Rishabh thinks of doing something special for Sherlin, then Sherlyn once again brings out the ugly thing from her face.

Karan Preeta’s relationship is sinking! In the show, Rishabh wanted to divorce Sherlyn. At the same time, Sherlyn loved Prithvi and is also going to be the mother of his child. Rishabh wanted Preeta and wanted to get married. But Karan marries Preeta in a hurry, while Preeta and Karan want each other to die. But the misunderstandings between the two led to this relationship.

Preeta will be seen fumbling in front of the family, the family members will be suspicious that in the horoscope fate everyone will be seen questioning Preeta why she is not eating food. Are you feeling well? Why is not hungry? In such a situation, Preeta will be seen fidgeting in front of the family. In such a situation, everyone will doubt whether Preeta has kept the fast of Karvachauth?

Preeta’s mother will be surprised. Karan has done so badly with Preeta, yet she loves Karan and is fasting for him Karva Chauth. Preeta’s mother will be surprised to see this.

Rishabh will fight Sherlyn for Preeta, Rishabh loves Preeta, while Sherlyn hates him a lot. In such a situation, there is a fight between Sherlyn and Rishabh. She says that Preeta ruined Karan’s life and you want to celebrate her Karva Chauth with pomp. So Rishabh says there and looks at Sherlyn in shock.

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