Kundali Bhagya 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sarla is available in, she asks Janki what she is doing explaining that the police want to search the whole house, requesting Prithvi to head and wait within the marriage corridor, Janki receives involved seeing Preeta face she before everything comes to a decision to inform her but then feels if she tells her then she will herself prevent the wedding so she will be able to most effective tell Shrishti.

Rishab comes to Mahesh room, he kisses him, then inquires if she gave him the brand new medication, the nurse explains that she was instructed that Sherlin will supply the brand new medication but while she arrived there has been no new medicine, He tries to call her but she doesn’t solution.

Sherlin and Shrishti are standing whilst the pals are speakme pronouncing that Preeta doesn’t appear like a theft, she receives simply irritated and asks them to depart her house, she wonders that it is because of Karan as he become the only who insulted Preeta, but whilst he was her pal nobody dared to mention something.

Sherlin request the female Officer to shield her because she is afraid that they may damage her, she gets a name from Rishab but doesn’t answer, Rishab receives involved as to why she isn’t answering the decision.

Janki sees Sherlin she is going to her asking why she desires to prevent the wedding, She solutions that she wants her to not marry Prithvi, or any man for that count due to the fact she wants to destroy her lifestyles, Janki thinks that she does not recognize that it’s miles Karan who is behind the veil.

Chacha is asking for the police to no longer throw their belongings because it will motive them damage, the inspector makes fun of him ordering that he stand in a corner otherwise they will arrest him.

Karan receives into the room, he goes to Prithvi wondering why Preeta desires to marry him, he says that it’s far due to the fact she is obedient and could do some thing her mom will inform her, he gets a name from Samer who asks him as to how will he recognise of the necklace as Rakhi sin not even home, Karan says that he’ll ship him the list of jewelry which Rakhi gave to her, he need to seek it to find the necklace.

Shrishti is very frustrated, Janki enters the room bringing up that she has a few vital component to tell her, Shrishti does not concentrate to anything which she has to mention blaming Karan for the whole lot this is occurring along with her sister due to the fact he insulted her to the extent that she isn’t able to doing some thing, she has even lost the capability to select between right and wrong. it’s miles all because of Karan and his conduct with them she thought that he become a good individual however was incorrect, he’s like another wealthy man who will do some thing to get what he desires, Janki attempts to give an explanation for and protect Karan but she pays no heed to her phrases. She explains that they did all that they could to help the Luthra own family but once they needed them they did not come, Janki asks then what became it while she talked with Sherlin, she answers that she isn’t pronouncing he is a superb man or woman however there is not anything she can do to forestall the wedding.

Karan is beating the whole lot, he is blaming Preeta for the defeat which he were given from Sherlin, he’s adamant to do something to get the revenge from Preeta, now she will revel in his anger, he vows to not let her die till he’s glad that he has taken revenge for all her movements.

Samer knocks on Rishab’s door, there is nobody so he enters feeling relieved that he’s going to now not need to answer anybody as to why he is checking Sherlin’s earrings, he is ready to open the secure when he hears Rishab speaking on the phone, Samer receives tensed, he closes the cupboard, Rishab comes and sits at the bed, he gets involved wondering as to what he’ll do as he has now sat at the mattress, he unintentionally bumps into the lamp, Rishab receives curious, going to check who it is, but Samer hides then Rishab heads into the restroom, Samer thinks that it’s miles the right time and exams the secure, he finds it and is irritated as she lied about everything.

Karan is standing and involved about what is occurring, the inspector cones saying that they have got searched the entire residence and feature now not discovered the necklace, Sarla asks if they could anticipate the wedding, the inspector also concurs together with her, all people faces rejoice with pleasure on hearing the news.

Precap: Sherlin mentions that now they’ve found the proof, they must arrest Preeta, everybody gets tensed hearing the news.


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