Kundali Bhagya 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Bi jee asks wherein Janki and Shrishti are going, Shrishti asks if she wants to clean her hands, Sarla comes asking for Preeta, and Bi jee denies seeing her asking where Preeta is. Preeta comes and he or she asks about the keys of the wedding hall as she desires to go there for some preparations and to complete cleaning, Shrishti starts offevolved to act as though she si hurting, Sarla but is aware of that they are acting asking them to stop, they both conform to go with her, Sarla asks Janki what she is holding, she indicates the knife mentioning that she changed into going to reduce the fruits, she orders that all of them come along with her except Preeta. She asks that Preeta relaxation in her room as she is ready to get married so must continue to be sparkling.

Preeta shuts the door, Prithvi enters the Luthra house seeking out Sherlin, he sees her sitting on the ground, going to assist her he attempts to comfort her but she says that the whole thing is ruined and that they have been uncovered, he comforts her however she says that Mahesh knows the whole lot and now he goes to inform the entirety towards them.

Prithvi calms her down asking if it’s miles only Mahesh who is aware of the whole lot, she is but no longer persuade pronouncing that he’s the daddy of Rishab so that they must depart because she does now not want to go to jail, Prithvi asks her to call Rakhi asking if Mahesh has come to them, Sherlin mentions that he gave her a mission that he will throw her out of his circle of relatives, he request that she name Karan, she but says that she can no longer due to the fact he does not even communicate with her so she will now not name her, he explains that he will get indignant together with her, yelling as quickly as she calls her so they will understand if each person knows the fact regarding them, in any other case he’s going to himself their belongings,

She calls Karan asking him to provide the cellphone to Mahesh, he mentions that he has long past to Preeta s house he can name there if she wishes to speak with him, Sherlin asks him for the time when he left, Karan mentions that it’s been quite some time so he is not positive, he ends the decision caution that she not call him again.

Preeta opens the door, Mahesh is standing there, she asks him to come in, as soon as he is available in he apologizes Preeta for what ah happened, he explains that he is attempting to accurate the mistakes, he asks all and sundry to pop out as he desires to talk with them, he again ask them to come out, Preeta explains that she is telling the reality and absolutely everyone has long past out of doors, he mentions that he trust her however has not fulfilled the right of being a father even when he stated that he became like a father to her, he slaps her but Preeta stops him asking what the problem is, he explains that he is aware of all of the matters that Sarla and Preeta have completed for his own family, he is not capable of understand what to do,. he’s now aware of how risky Sherlin is, Preeta mentions that her mom is a truthful character and in no way lies, so whilst she saw what Sherlin changed into able to she got here to tell them but they did no longer agree with, it might be in part due to her due to the fact she advised the reality of Sherlin, Preeta starts to cry at which Mahesh comforts her bringing up that he’ll do anything, she must accept as true with him.

He promises to introduce them all to his own family yet again with all of the respects that they deserve, he asks her to come with him as he’ll punish her also announcing that she can be the first one to punish her, then they’ll hand her to the police.

Prithvi explains that he was right as Mahesh continues to be going to Preeta, they may now not permit him inform the truth, she but receives paranoid announcing that they’ll no longer be capable of prevent Mahesh as he’s the father of them, she says that it’s far because of their doings that they are dealing with this type of situation, Prithvi explains that if she believes in doings then Rishab may be the first one to be punished as it became due to him that they got here onto the roads, he mentions that they have been additionally exact people as soon as however then the Luthras deceived them which converted them into criminals, the very cruel humans, a good way to do some thing he asks her to relax, Prithvi calls one in all his men, he ask if he’s loose, he orders his men to kill Mahesh Luthra announcing that he’ll ahead the info to his cell.

Precap: Mahesh mentions that he respects the promise which she made to her mother, he wanted that she turned into the one who became the part of his family however nevertheless it has not been so incorrect that they can’t accurate it.


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