Kundali Bhagya 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Rishab clarifies that everybody can not be right yet Mahesh who crowd it from her own mouth, she attempts to persuade Mahesh that raj is lying, however he clarifies that he came clean the past time yet this time he didn’t give him a chance to reclaim his words. Karina specifies that she confided in her and remained against her very own family for Sherlin however she cheated her.

Sarla heads to her, slapping her for every single thing that she has done to her family, she begins to yell however Shrishti constrains her to stay calm undermining that she will hit her to the degree that she won’t most likely endure. Sherlin demands Rishab to support her.

Rishab concurs inquiring as to whether she is pregnant, she lies totally repudiating the fault, Rishab gets disappointed yet she demands that it is his tyke, Karna heads to him saying that it is the offspring of her sweetheart, Prithvi.

Sherlin looks to Preeta who notices that she isn’t broken on the grounds that they trusted Prithvi however he rather misdirected them all breaking their trust, she needs to realize for what reason is he so vindictive of them.

Everybody is attempting to make her gives, Samer says that she ought to be taken to the police headquarters, she flees, they pursue her however she picks a blade and takes Preeta as prisoner, holding he blade against her throat, they all request her to discharge Preeta, Dadi additionally prompts that she make an arrangement with her and Preeta ought not be hurt. Sherlin clarifies that she will come clean yet won’t go to imprison, she says that she is pregnant, Chachi was correct and she has been pregnant since the last 3 and a half months. Rishab asks the reason that they need to deliver retribution, she anyway can’t.

Sherlin sks them why they don’t care for her and trust Preeta with their souls, she says that she has the heart to choose what’s up and can stand and battle for her family, Preeta hits her on her stomach pushing her against the table, Sarla takes her undermining that she will pulsate her since she cautioned her in the event that she did anything with her girls she will be extremely furious.

Shrishti says that they should beat her with their shoes and when they’re going to thrash her she wakes from the fantasy, Sherlin stands up intuition how could she commit such a major error, she ought to have shut the entryway before taking Prithvi’s name, she reprimands herself accusing cap she is the explanation for demolishing Prithvi’s fantasy, she chooses to call Prithvi.

Prithvi is with his family they all are choosing their garments, he gets a call from Sherlin and leaves coming up with a rationalization, she answers that they have been uncovered so he should go to the Luthra house right away.

Rakhi is calling Mahesh, Pandit ask them when he will go along with them, Karina asks her about what Mahesh stated, she clarifies that he said it will require some investment as he is going to Preeta house to apologize. Mahesh says that he is going to meet Preeta, they have done things that are wrong, she has extraordinary significance in their life and Karan is likewise not in his correct personality, he needs to address their future lives.

Precap: Mahesh says that he will return everybody from her family to his home, they will currently rebuff Sherlin, she will be the first to do it. Prithvi procures a man to execute Mahesh Luthra.


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