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Sarla pleads to the inspector that if they have now not discovered whatever ought to they assume the wedding, he consents but Sherlin stops them announcing that she has herself saw her stealing the necklace and they have to arrest her, they’re about to move the hall whilst a female inspector comes with the necklace, Sherlin right now says that it’s far hers.

Samer is trying to take a image of the necklace while he hears Rishab cleaning his arms, he speedy hides at the back of the cloth wardrobe, Samer thinks that he ought to go outside and allow him go away, Rishab is speakme of a convention call, Samer thinks that this indicates he’ll no longer be able to go away the room, Samer kneels down and leaves the room.

Rishab walks out to Mahesh room, he’s amazed to locate the no person is there, Rishab sits beside him explaining that he isn’t always capable to understand what’s occurring. He isn’t capable of locate each person, Rishab starts to cry complaining that he is not capable to take care of the subjects and feels he is all alone, pleading to Mahesh to wake up as he knows that he’s listening demanding that he come lower back as he wants him, Rishab puts his head on Mahesh body however he does not say something, Rishab explains that he’s going to deal with the entirety, he’ll make him sense that he is a proud father Rishab runs out calling the nurse.

Preeta tries to give an explanation for that she does now not recognise how it got here, Sherlin explains that she isn’t always mad to cover such high priced element to simply body her however she thinks that she did this because she can not permit Prithvi marry Preeta, she thinks of ways she framed her in order that she isn’t always able to marry her.

Sarla pleads to the inspector that they don’t know of the necklace, she thinks of the way she went to the residence whilst Chacha and Janki had been there, she went awaiting both of them to depart, she were given an concept and so turned into without a doubt glad of her luck, she then hid the necklace in her room, in order that she could be able to blame Preeta, wondering that this will be the end of Preeta as she would be despatched to jail. She then hid it among a few head rests so secretly going out when she saw them each leaving, she was not capable of exit of the house she determined to jump out of the window however turned into now not able to depart, she heard someone coming, Samer and Shrishti enter, he had hiccups so they both went to the kitchen, she took the danger and left the residence.

She wonders of what they are ready as now they’ve found the necklace, she needs that they arrest her, however Karan is available in the front of the police taking them apart, Prithvi’s mom comes announcing that he changed into advised through the Pandit to now not speak so he has gone aside to talk with them, she is sure that Preeta can’t be a thief but the person who is trying to blame her may be, Sherlin gets indignant and livid.

Samer is strolling when he feels some thing hurting and sits to test that it is a stone, Rishab comes announcing that he has to come together with her and force a she could be very angry with the behavior of anybody, Rishab tries to call the health practitioner, Samer thinks that he’s going to textual content Karan but he takes the cellphone from him pronouncing that he should do something else.

Karan explains that he knows Preeta can’t steal, Inspector says that he should know who’s in the back of the veil, Karan closes the door and lifts the veil, he is left bowled over saying that he is a totally big fan of him, Karan explains that he is a very massive star, so if all and sundry knew that it’s miles him they will all need an autograph so he has to keep it a secret, Inspector explains that despite the fact that he’s a big fan of Karan yet still they have got observed proof against Preeta so he should arrest her at any cost.
The inspector says that it’s far her Bhabhi who has filed the complaint, Karan explains that it’s miles what happens in any family, which means that their own family has boycott him and it is because of his Bhabhi who does now not want that he need to marry Preeta which is why she would possibly have finished this, The inspector agrees with this however he’s adamant to arrest her, Karan makes him understand that he have to allow her marry, so that she is not left heartbroken otherwise she might try and attempt a suicide.

Precap: Inspector says that he has to arrest Preeta and when they may be about to Rakhi comes traumatic them to stop as they cannot arrest her.


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