Kundali Bhagya 16th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Prithvi is taunting Mahesh whilst seeing his photo, explaining that he is laughing however his family will quickly very for him, he sends it to Rakha, Prithvi calls him, he explains that he has got the photo, Prithvi orders that he ought to kill him in order that his image is on tomorrows newspaper, Rakha promises to kill him.

Mahesh explains that he’ll marry her to Rishab, he kneels to find the automobile keys asking her to get in, she mentions that she will not include him, he receives surprised asking her the reason, she explains that he is aware of what Karan did to her and now even a single step could be very difficult for her to take , he promises that he will now not let each person say something to him, she but explains that Karan will no longer listen to absolutely everyone and could do what he feels like, Mahesh says that he knows she has been humiliated but he promises that everyone will come and make an apology to her, she however mentions that she doesn’t need them to apologize but simplest need them to agree with that she is telling the reality, Mahesh says that this indicates she does no longer accept as true with him, She mentions that after they got here returned that night, Sarla stated to her that Bi jee changed into now not napping even if she gave her a napping tablet, she additionally had to supply her drugs, that own family insulted her even when she cared for them at her age, she asked her to cry and neglect the whole family, even her relation with Karan and Rishab, she has a excessive regard for her, they did now not accept as true with or repse4ct her so she will now not appearance returned at their residence, additionally to now not go to them, they must reduce the rotten part of the body otherwise it is able to damage the whole body, she can not see her cry, so she has to promise. Mahesh consents mentioning that he respects her choice.
Mahesh leaves even as Preeta is status there.

The truck is using very fast at the same time as seeking out someone, Mahesh turns onto the road, they are trying to hit him but he dodges it, they flip the truck to comply with him again, he drives the auto and is questioning what he stated to Rishab that he likes Preeta extra than Sherlin, he thinks that not anything has been incorrect so he’ll correct everything, he thinks that they each believe each different and are pals that is the first step in love.

Prithvi says that he has to head, Sherlin but refuses soliciting for that he live, he however says that they may get into a lot of hassle if the Luthras see them, she takes his smartphone calling the murderer, he answers asking who she is, she mentions that she is his boss and they may be running for her, they promise that they’ll kill him, they plan to kill him from the the front as then it’ll see like man accident. there is site visitors on the street, the truck driving force explains to Mahesh that the bridge is being repaired asking for that he take the alternative course that is a good deal quieter however cleanser, Mahesh thank you him taking the turn toward the road.

driver is following Mahesh on his truck, he name callings that he will now kill them wondering how they can consider a person like him, he thinks that now they’ll kill him leaving no observe of the incident.
Prithvi could be very involved, she wonders that now the truth will come out, Karan may also realize that she did everything most effective to guard his family, he’ll additionally take into account that she most effective cares for his circle of relatives, her mother will regain her lost status.

Mahesh is using his vehicle, he thinks to name Karan asking in the event that they have left the Mander, the truck overtakes him, he’s left bowled over on due to the fact that it’s far the same truck, the driving force makes a decision to scare him, Mahesh receives curious on seeing their movements and reckless riding.

The truck driving force pushes Mahesh’s automobile in the back of forcing him to get locked in, then Rakha comes out with a pole hitting him on the top, Mahesh receives subconscious, he once more hits him earlier than leaving Mahesh at the side of the road, he sees Mahesh is lifeless however he’s nevertheless trying to decrease the probabilities of survival

Precap: Rishab asks Karan what passed off, he says that Mahesh has gotten in an coincidence, everybody is at the clinic, Kartika calls Preeta explaining what happened, Karan asks the health practitioner who explains that Mahesh is in a very essential condition and his probabilities of survival are very low.


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