Kundali Bhagya 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mahesh leaves while Preeta is remaining there. The truck is driving quick while searching for somebody, Mahesh turns onto the street, they attempt to hit him however he avoids it, they turn the truck to tail him once more, he drives the vehicle and is thinking what he said to Rishab that he loves Preeta more than Sherlin, he imagines that nothing has been off-base so he will address everything, he believes that the two of them trust one another and are companions which is the initial phase in adoration.

Prithvi says that he needs to go, Sherlin anyway declines mentioning that he remain, he anyway says that they will get into a great deal of inconvenience if the Luthras see them, she takes his telephone calling the killer, he answers asking her identity, she makes reference to that she is his supervisor and they are working for her, they guarantee that they will slaughter him, they intend to murder him from the front as then it will see like man mishap. There is traffic out and about, the truck driver discloses to Mahesh that the scaffold is being fixed mentioning that he take the elective course which is a lot calmer yet more clean, Mahesh says thanks to him taking the turn towards the street.

The driver is following Mahesh on his truck, he insults that he will currently murder them considering how they can believe somebody like him, he feels that now they will slaughter him leaving no notice of the occurrence.

Prithvi is exceptionally stressed, she ponders that now reality will turn out, Karan will likewise understand that she did everything just to ensure his family, he will likewise comprehend that she thinks about his family, her mom will recover her lost status.

Mahesh is driving his vehicle, he supposes to call Karan inquiring as to whether they have left the Mander, the truck surpasses him, he is left stunned on observing that it is a similar truck, the driver chooses to terrify him, Mahesh gets inquisitive on observing their activities and neglectful driving.

The truck driver pushes Mahesh’s vehicle behind compelling him to get secured, at that point Rakha turns out with a post hitting him on the head, Mahesh gets oblivious, he again hits him before leaving Mahesh in favor of the street, he sees Mahesh is dead yet he is as yet hoping to limit the odds of survival

Precap: Rishab asks Karan what occurred, he says that Mahesh has gotten in a mishap, everybody is at the emergency clinic, Kartika calls Preeta clarifying what occurred, Karan asks the Doctor who clarifies that Mahesh is in a basic condition and his odds of survival are exceptionally low.


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