Kundali Bhagya 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Prithvi is spying on Karan taking note of him speaking to set up the nice medical doctor for his father, Karna leaves he hides.

Prithvi thinks that he has luck on his aspect and so should thank his mom for it, Preeta comes requesting Mahesh he wonders how she came to know of him, so he have to try and get her away as though she receives toward them then his plan will fail, he leaves to find out.

Preeta receives to the operation theater, all people receives bowled over to peer her, Rishab is very angry with her, she involves them however they all are taken aback, she thinks of Mahesh promise that all of them will apologize to her and her complete circle of relatives, Rishab is asking angrily at her. Sherlin wonders why they all are quiet and now not saying some thing, she is aware of that Karan isn’t always there and Rishab will never say anything, Rishab comes ahead asking her to leave, she thinks that he manner that she need to visit the health practitioner, however he together with is circle of relatives say that she have to go away this hospital as she is the only behind this all, Karan also comes asking how did she dare to come to them, blaming her for the condition of Mahesh.

She asks how she can say that because he does now not recognize what occurred, she respects him like a father so will not tolerate that she turned into the one in the back of his accident. Karina ask if he came to her house she explains that he came to her simplest because he wanted to take her with him, she turns to Sherlin asking if she become the one at the back of what befell, Rishab stops her saying that he needs her to depart, She explains that he used to say that he trusted her extra than him, he but says that he made a mistake whilst he stated this.

Karan says that all of them used to consider her but not anymore she does not imply whatever to them, this is why their father concept that their happiness went along side her, but now not anymore, he asks her to leave, Rakhi also says that she does no longer consider her as her fortunate charm pronouncing that she have to depart, all of them say that she is not exact for his or her family and should depart, even Chachi says that she hated Sherlin however what she stated today proved that she isn’t an amazing man or woman, she being a guest notion that she changed into accurate but she is not worthy of being referred to as a person. she blames that Sherlin told them, a story which they all are believing, Karan asks her to shut up because they are wise themselves and recognise what is incorrect, she pleads that it isn’t her fault, he explains that it may because of intellectual stress, he got here to her she as a substitute disrespected her which brought on the accident, he then goes on to blame her for the homicide. She goes to Rakhi however she does now not accept as true with anything that Rakhi says that she has to go away,
The nurse comes out, Rishab asks for the circumstance, she mentions that they have to arrange blood for him in any other case they will no longer be capable of keep their father, she asks for donation for blood, they all step forward however she mentions that they want B+ blood which isn’t available with them in order that they must hurry.

Karina asks why Preeta continues to be status there, she scolds her making Preeta run away even as crying.

Prithvi is standing in the corner and thinks that it is because of Sherlin that Preeta will most effective come to her, he could be married and could stay a glad existence.

Preeta stops taking into account what the Luthras said to her, she feels someone, pronouncing that it became now not her, it is Prithvi, She asks him why he came here, he explains that he came together with his mom however when he noticed her, he requested his mom to go away and he stayed, he tries to mention that the Luthras aren’t capable of her love and affection, they used to claim that they trust her to be part of their family, however they do not deserve her, they’re not worth to be called own family.
Preeta leaves, he stops her announcing that the exit is the other way, she need to no longer visit the Luthras and they need to leave, she mentions that he merits them as he came to her house and advised the whole fact of Sherlin, she mentions that he believes her to be his daughter and so she will be able to donate blood to him, he gets livid pronouncing that she continually thinks of a Luthra as critical and now it is going to be Mahesh, he have to stop her as then he may be ruined, he then wonders that if she knew his reality she could no longer had been so well mannered, so he is secure most effective Sherlin is in hassle. He thinks that he could be very fortunate as every time he’s in hassle than he is stored by using some miracle.

Precap: Preeta request the nurse to no longer say anything to the Luthras of who donated the blood, Karan enters citing that they have arranged the blood, however she give an explanation for that a person has already donated it, he wonders if he turned into able to see the face of the persona and thank her or him.


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