Kundali Bhagya 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sameer is with Rishab, HE asks him what occurred Rishab explains that there has been no one to attend to Mahesh, he was all alone, there isn’t even the nurse who become imagined to do the night time obligation, he asks Rishab if he need to park he vehicle, Samer receives tensed that he is very irritated and frustrated, Samer calls Rakhi explaining that she must move and stop Preeta from getting arrested, Sherlin has blamed her for stealing their necklace, She gets very tensed asking him to move again and provide an explanation for that Preeta isn’t a thief. He explains that he can not move because Rishab has requested him to include him, Rakhi asks him to stay calm and no longer fear as she will be able to save her.
Rishab comes and asks why he did no longer visit the parking, Samer makes an excuse. Rakhi asks the motive force to take her to the vacation spot after which they have to cross again.
The inspector comes out he explains that even supposing their son in regulation is any such famous character nonetheless they cannot undermine the law and must arrest their daughter without considering their sentiments, they are about to arrest Preeta whilst Rakhi comes ordering them to forestall as they can not do it, she receives pissed off seeing Preeta in handcuffs and explains that it become now not stolen in the first place, Sherlin explains to her that she must not shield them as the police have located their necklace.
She asks them to reveal her the necklace, Rakhi looks at it and explains that they might have idea that it become found on this region, she takes it pronouncing that they would have found it but it isn’t their own family necklace as it’s miles a faux and does now not belong to them, She explains that this could not had been executed with the aid of any of the family contributors and also the attendees of the characteristic, she mentions that when Sameer called her she got here straight to their house as it’s miles a faux however she is aware of that a person delivered the necklace in charge the Auroras.
She explains that she knows due to the fact she has the original necklace and may show them which she does, the inspector takes them, after taking a take a look at them he mentions that he feels they both are original, she advises of calling their own family’s jeweler , she isn’t capable of locate the contact variety, so asks Sherlin for it but she refuses to provide it, She then calls Karan and whilst it rings then every person is left bowled over, Rakhi explains that she does no longer realize why Prithvi has Karan’s smartphone, Samer asks them to let him call Karan, he saves Karan from being uncovered citing that he is busy in a assembly.
Shrishti mentions that she has a manner of telling which necklace is the fake, as they may be made from glass and when it’s miles dropped it breaks, she takes them both from the Inspector. She throws it so it breaks, Shrishti mentions that she advised them that it would ruin, she then additionally throws the alternative necklace which does now not damage proving that she was right, it also explains that this become made in a rush as it has marks, Shrishti thanks Rakhi for coming lower back and helping Preeta otherwise Sherlin could have ruined their wedding.
they all start to blame Sherlin requesting them to arrest Sherlin, she pleads with anyone disturbing that they permit her pass as she is innocent, Rakhi wonders what she might tell her own family individuals if Sherlin receives arrested, Preeta but requests the Inspector to let her go as she doesn’t need to report any grievance. Shrishti asks Preeta why she is doing this as Sherlin became the one who blamed her causing embarrassment in the front of each person, Preeta but refuses to report any grievance, the inspector warns Sherlin that if she does something like this once more then she can be sent to jail, Sherlin asks Rakhi to come along with her.
Karan thinks that she stored Sherlin as then Rakhi might should explain it however then he thinks that she is not an awesome character.

Precap: Sarla says that she is not aware about what her family’s relation with the Luthras will be within the destiny however she is aware of that she will no longer have any relation along with her in any case so she should depart and in no way come again.


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