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Prithvi will expose Karan in front of Preeta, this trap woven to break marriage Fans excited about Karan-Preeta’s wedding will get a quick twist and turn in the coming week.

The drama is taking place in Zee TV show Kundali Bhagya. The serial is currently showing the track of Preeta and Karan’s wedding. Fans excited about Karan-Preeta’s wedding will get a quick twist and turn in the coming week. Actually, Karan had planned to kidnap Prithvi and secretly get married with Preeta. But the Prithvi senses that he also decides to expose Karan to Preeta.

The promo video of the upcoming episode of the show shows that after Prithvi regains consciousness, he says that Karan had deliberately sedated her and conspired to marry Preeta. In such a situation, like Prithvi, Karan decides to plan and beat him. Prithvi changes his look and goes as a Sardar in marriage. On the other hand, Karan and Preeta are performing rituals at the wedding pavilion. In such a situation, the audience is excited about the upcoming episode, how will Prithvi stop Preeta-Karan’s marriage? How will Preeta react when Karan’s truth is revealed?

Actor Sanjay Gangnani (Prithvi) said about his new look in the show, & What people don’t do in love. I have just changed my style. I will be coming soon as Sardar in the show, who will take his revenge on Karan. Viewers will get to see both war and hate for love in this episode. Sardar’s look is quite different and interesting. For now all I can say is that we will take the bride

Let me tell you that in the new track of the show, it is shown that Sherlyn has accused Preeta of stealing in order to break the marriage of Karan (which she thinks is Prithvi) and Preeta. The police are about to arrest Preeta for the alleged theft of necklace. Meanwhile, Karan’s mother Rakhi comes forward to help Preeta.

Not only Karan but this person came to the aid of Preeta, the show will have a highvoltage drama Fans of the show want to know if Preeta will have to go to jail in the case of theft or will come true

Kundali Bhagya show is popular among the audience. The twists and turns in the serial add to the excitement of the audience. These days, the makers have taken a surprising turn in the show.
Actually, Preeta, sitting ready to take seven rounds on the pavilion, breaks a mountain of difficulties. The police are about to arrest Preeta due to the accusation of Sherlyn’s theft on Preeta. However, not to Karan’s help but another person comes forward. In such a situation, the fans want to know whether Preeta will have to go to jail in the charges of theft or will the real criminal come to the fore?

In the last episode of the show you saw that Preeta-Karan is about to get married, then the police comes. Police state that they have found the necklace. On the other hand, Sammy searches for Sherlyn’s alvari, and he finds a necklace there. Actually, Sherlyn had put another necklace that looks like the real necklace in Preeta’s room to trap Preeta.

The show further shows that Karan tries to convince the police that Preeta is innocent, although the police say she is arrested. Then Rishabh tells Sammy that he should go and see Mahesh’s nurse. Rishabh then hides the real necklace on the house.

Monday’s episode will show that the police is not ready to listen to anyone and Preeta is about to be arrested. Preeta’s mother Sarla tries to stop the police. That’s when Rakhi (Karan’s mother) prevents the inspector from arresting Preeta. Rakhi says that he cannot arrest Preeta. Sherlyn is shocked to hear Rakhi’s words. Has Rakhi found out Sherlyn’s truth? Will Sherlyn and Prithvi really come out in front of everyone? Keep reading for the latest updates of the show Tellyupdates.me


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