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Manisha may be very pissed off and come into her room, Karan comes after her and starts to yell at her as he may be very angry, he says that he didn’t say anything to her in the front of his family due to the fact he isn’t like that, he says that he does not care if any female he likes became in a courting and he preferred that the lady has moved on but he has a problem now not along with her mindset however together with her due to the fact she is a horrific lady and has no feel of disgrace, he saw what she did to his Dadi and has accomplished to his family however he’s going to no longer allow her to do this anymore, they’ll stay separately in two rooms even after marriage.

He gets genuinely indignant, Manisha says that he needs to attempt to control his feelings of anger due to the fact she will make our life hell, she asks him to move and get geared up and look ahead to her to come

Sarla is with Samer and he tries to provide an explanation for that they all are in a big problem and nothing is operating, Rishab additionally comes and greets her and that they walk into the room. Karan comes in angrily asking to wear the Sehra, they start to argue at which Sarla stops her and says that she have to allow him to wear it as this could calm her and they’ll be able to locate any mistake that she makes because she will no longer be expecting it. Rishab receives careworn asking what they will do to discover it.

Preeta says that she has a plan that she thought of whilst Sarla turned into speaking and any individual has a person in their existence who they speak to regarding any of their hassles, it’s miles Rithwik to the care of Manisha, all of them are worried as what will take place because Manisha may be very smart, Dadi and Shrishti are speaking of a Baba, Karina says that Samer is excellent at mimicry and could do it , Preeta makes out a plan, Samer however leaves, Shrishti is going after him and assures that she can give an explanation for it to him, Rakhi is going to the guests.

Shrishti ask Samer why he were given so scared and what’s the purpose, he says that he used to do it within the collage and has even not accomplished it, he does no longer pay attention to anything that they are saying, Karan and Rishab also come to look at however Shrishti says that he isn’t always listening. Karan may be very irritated and says that Samer has a completely low confidence and could now not get able to do it, Rishab says that he’ll speak with Samer, Preeta stops him saying that he approach is a bit different, They each are looking in every other’s eyes, Karan attempts to ridicule them saying that he doesn’t believe what he’s seeing, Preeta gets stressed, Rishab scolds him asking to stop this right now. Kartika indicators Preeta to relaxation confident and no longer worry.

Samer remains very harassed, Shrishti asks him to take a look at her pronouncing that he has a golden opportunity to assist Karan however he has gotten scared even before the start, she attempts to provide an explanation for that it’s miles handiest him who could do it, however he refuses, she hugs him begging to assist Karan, he concurs that he will do it. Shrishti gets joyed and again hugs him, they each get very comfy for the time being, She than realizes that what she is doing isn’t always very proper and receives away from her feeling anxious.

Prithvi comes from the hall and sees the box, he rushes closer to it and stumbles into Mahesh who asks him to loosen up and now not be in so much fear, he says that they could talk regarding any hassle, he sees that the Pandit is attempting to pen the container, he shouts his name and goes after the Pandit, Mahesh receives shocked at his mind-set calling him weird.

Prithvi asks Pandit special inquiries to take his mind out of the container, than asks him to tell him the list of factors which are required for the Pooja, Pandit tells him that he has all the tins inside the container, Prithvi receives concerned listening to this. Prithvi tells him that the cloth is spoiled but and he’s going to; deliver the new things, he calls a waiter asking him to deliver the things that the Pandit says.

Karina and Janki bump into every other, they starts to quarrel, Karina tells him that she used to bring the whole thing that she would ask, Janki begins to chortle saying that she is very lazy and would in no way do it so which means that Karina is making a funny story, she walks away, across the nook of the hall she sees Prithvi dragging a wooden box and asks him what he is doing.

Precap: Janki says to Sarla that she feels the pairs are wrongly made, Karan comes and sits, when Manisha about to sit down Janki stops her pronouncing that she has no right.

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