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Rakhi is sitting with Mahesh, the medical doctor apologizes that he was impolite with Karan and ought to now not have said it immediately, she but explains that he was right and it turned into her son who changed into incorrect due to the fact he is irritated with himself as he’s combating to manipulate his feelings, best one became capable of control him and it was Preeta who’s a sturdy woman.
Rakhi request the health practitioner to inform the reality as she has the energy to address it, she explains that he used to fight with her on small matters however now he isn’t pronouncing whatever, she pleads that he inform the truth and no longer say a lie to consolation her, he explains that once he stated that seventy percentage of the patients do no longer pop out he become lying and in these cases it’s miles 90 percentage, Mahesh accident is so intense that he has little or no chances of survival, she request him to hold this a mystery as if her family involves recognize of the truth then they may shatter and not be capable of live.
Sarla is talking along with her nieces, who recognize Prithvi, she asks her to find someone even better for her, she concurs however Janki says that he ought to take Prithvi along with her, they all take it as a funny story and leave, Janki is status Sarla asks her to head lower back as she knows that Janki does no longer want the wedding to achieve success, she however refuses to leave aiming to do whatever to prevent the marriage.
The Pandit comes asking her to name the bride and groom s it’s far the time of Pooja, she is ready to ask Janki however she leaves, Shrishti additionally refuses to call her, Sarla gets stressed on what to do as lots of factors are nevertheless pending.
Karan is in his room considering what the medical doctor said, he says that it became his foolishness that he allowed her to come in his residence even after she became the motive of his going to jail, he thinks that she is dealing with the result of her actions, it’s far the punishment she is getting for hurting his family, He receives angry taking into account how Prithvi talked of Preeta, he additionally gets mad wondering what he’s going to do to her.
Prithvi is on foot with Shrishti, he says that he may be very happy however is aware of that she isn’t always, he mentions that she will have to admire him even if she does not like him because he is going to be her brother in regulation, she explains that she isn’t satisfied as she along side Karan has seen what is internal him and does not like him a bit bit, he warns her to stop speakme in any other case he’s going to refuse to marry Preeta on the Mandap so that it will be a purpose of embarrassment for her own family she gets bowled over and stays quiet.
Sarla comes together with his mother asking that they arrive because the Pandit is looking them, they walk but Shrishti kicks him and he falls, they select him up she warns him to be cautious of her as she is very dangerous, he additionally admits it and vows to be cautious.
Karan is constantly considering while Preeta got here to announce her wedding, he gets frustrated and tears the image album however he stops on the photograph of Preeta earlier than burning it, additionally vowing to take revenge from her for what she did to his family.
He vows to harm him to the extent that she might no longer be able to live, he plans to quit her marriage with Prithvi using any and all means viable.
every body is expecting Prithvi and Preeta, all of them marvel wherein they are, Prithvi’s Chachi additionally says that she could be very stunning and they may no longer be able to take her eyes of her, Shrishti is walking with him, all of them additionally say how quite she is, she explains that she is the sister of the bride, they arrive and greet every different.
Prithvi purposefully hits her, he also apologizes to her asking if she is hurt, explaining that he lost balance and hit her, he asks her to help him reach the Mandap, Sarla forces her to help him.
Prithvi attempts to stroll, she holds his hand assisting her, he warns her to now not mess with him as he’ll not be an smooth opponent and she will ought to be cautious with him, he leaves her going to sit down within the Mandap, Shrishti is aware that he did this on reason and thinks of closing aware with him.
Pandit asks Sarla to carry the groom till he ends the pooja with Prithvi, Shrishti thinks that she will must do some thing to stop the wedding.

Precap: Karan vows to stop Preeta wedding ceremony announcing that he is the only coming, Janki asks Preeta to tell her if she doesn’t want to marry Prithvi, Sarla also asks her vowing to cease the marriage the exact second if she refuses to marry him.


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