Kundali Bhagya 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kundali Bhagya will see in today that Karan’s father will go to coma forever. After which Karan will be quite upset. On the other hand it will be interesting to see if it will affect Preeta’s wedding.

Kundali Bhagya Serial will turn into a lot of interesting today. Today Karan will get the news that his father Mahesh has gone into coma forever. In this way Karan becomes very upset and becomes very unhappy. What will be the impact on Preet’s marriage today? It would be very interesting to see. The same Preeta also gets very surprised after hearing this news and becomes very unhappy about her marriage. Now it is necessary to see whether Preeta will break her marriage or marrying the Prithvi and settle down with her.

If Preeta does not marry today, her close proximity can increase because Karan will be very sad after going to his father Mahesh’s coma, but the special thing is that Karan will also show his attitude towards Preeta. If Preeta married Karan today, then the story of this serial can be anything else.

Preeta Kang and Karan get married, then in this serial you can also see Preeta and Karan’s love story. Who want to see their fans.

One may be somewhat pitiful as the specialist won’t have beneficial things to state about Mahesh’s wellbeing. The other being Sherlyn will’s identity all red and blue in indignation and will choose to stop Prithvi from getting hitched to Preeta

Presently we realize that even you are tremendously eager to discover what will occur straightaway. Thus, do tune into the show and discover what will occur straightaway. You can unquestionably express gratitude toward us later for the guidance.

Where the specialist will reveal to Rakhi that Mahesh’s leaving trance like state appears to be outlandish. Rakhi will be stunned to hear this and yet, she will get passionate and ask the specialist not to say it to anybody at home. Karan will hear the discussion from outside the room and tears will move down from his eyes.

That is not all! Sherlyn will turn green out of envy alongside red and blue as her displeasure will transform into desire and dissatisfaction and she will choose to prevent Prithvi from getting hitched to Preeta.

What will occur straightaway? Will Karan plan something for get Mahesh out of trance like state? Will Mahesh never leave extreme lethargies? Will Mahesh always be unable to demonstrate that Sherlyn and Prithvi are the ones who are attempting to hurt them? Will Sherlyn be abler to prevent Prithvi from getting hitched to Preeta? Stay Tuned with Tellyupdates.Me

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