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Prithvi says to Janki that he changed into placing the box on its right vicinity within the garage room, Janki asks him why he became doing it and now not the servants, he says that he’sadditionally part of this own family and it’s miles his honor to do this paintings, she has the same opinion, he thinks that he might need to put it nearby as than Janki will come after him, he puts it near her and says that it turned into the best distance that he needed to cowl, Janki does notrecognize what type of someone Janki is.
She sees Mahesh and Karina within the nook, Karina asks him if Sameer agreed to behave like Rithwik he says that he has no longer agreed and it’ll take the time. Dadi asks Preeta if Sameer agreed she says that they do not realize, he comes from the returned and says that he’ll do it. Dadi asks him to speak like Mahesh and when he speaks anybody is

greatly surprised to look that he’s speakme much like him.
Rishab ask Shrishti ow turned into she able to convince Sameer as he turned into not even prepared to pay attention to what they all had been saying, Shrishti than is ready to say all that had took place and all and sundry starts to have a look at the each to them, they both depart and Preeta and Dadi at the side of Rishab are sure that they both are mendacity.
each person reaches the room, all of them marvel how Sameer could be able to persuadeManisha because she can find him, Preeta explains the plan and says that they may use all of thefactors and delegates the obligations that everybody has to perform and once they finalize it, Dadi gets a call and says that she became sent to convey Karan down and they both leave.
Sameer asks Preeta what they would do if Manisha touches him as Rithwik had a clean shave and he has beard, Preeta fingers him a shafety and asks that he dispose of it as they could make it feellike it’s miles the truth. Preeta hands them the Bluetooth gadgets and asks that they live relatedwith every other.
Janki is status and really worried to see that Prithvi is constantly watching her, she does notapprehend what he is thinking and if he is suitable for Preeta, she gets nervous, Sarla comes asking wat she is doing here, she asks if Preeta become in love with Prithvi but whilst she unearthsthat it become arranged she starts offevolved to quarrel with her, Prithvi seeing the possibility is going to them asking that they visit the corridor.
Karan comes and takes his seat inside the Mandaap, Karina asks him to not worry, Dadi takes Mahesh away, while Manisha is about to sit Janki stops her announcing that she isn’t worth to sit down inside the Mandaap.
Prithvi is with each person and explains all and sundry what they’ve t do, she tells that they maymake sure that Karan doesn’t marry Manisha.
Manisha mother asks what is happening, Janki starts offevolved to argue along with her blaming that they have no disgrace, Mahesh and Dadi come listening to the shouting sound and are left greatly surprised to peer that they both are quarreling, Mahesh asks Dadi to calm Janki down as otherwise she will be able to spoil the whole plan which they made and had been approximatelyto execute.
Dadi involves the middle of the struggle and begins in charge Janki asking why she has a problemif they haven’t any problem with Karan marrying Manisha, she within the technique explains wat they may be genuinely looking to do. Sarla gets indignant together with her Janki says that she become the one who spoiled their plan and will correct her mistake.
She apologizes to Manisha saying that she talks freely with anyone and he or she must no longerthoughts what Janki has just said due to the fact she is much like this.

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