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Janki ask Prithvi where he was going, he says that he is going nowhere advert is most effective trying to make some area for the guest. Janki attempts to take the facet of Karan assuring that he ought to get all the women in India and could even get omit India, so if she is thankfully getting married to him than she has to act like Indian brides and take the right Veil, she asks that Janki need to have been trustworthy. Janki makes her sit within the Mandap. Karan thinks that Rishab and Preeta might have performed something to forestall his wedding ceremony.

Preeta and Rishab are preparing for the plan, Shrishti comes informing that she has planted all of the cameras and projectors, Preeta asks her to do something as she cannot hear something, Rishab additionally confirms, Shrishti leans in and is correcting the error, Rishab gets apprehensive as

Preeta touches him, Shrishti asks if they could pay attention, Rehab is lost in his thoughts. He says that he desires to confess something to her.

Kartika is in the fuse room and reveals the fuse for the lights, Sarla asks the Pandit to call the sayings gradual as both Karan and Manisha would now not be able to understand even a single phrase, Manisha feels that it’ll be their plan,

Samer comes in and is hiding, Mahesh goes to taunt him and asks him to be assured.

Rishab attempts to confess his love to Preeta however says that Prithvi is not a terrific individual to marry, just then the lighting fixtures go off and the plan receives in movement. anybody asks Samer to move ahead and inform Manisha that he desires to see her, Manisha ask Karan to do something is its miles their wedding day, he remains seated and Samer comes and asks her to return, she gets excited to pay attention Rithwik voice and runs after him. Samer calls everybody and that they circulate forward with the plan.

Manisha is strolling behind Samer, she reaches the room and after seeing the shadow is left speechless. Karan seeing this walks away from the hall, Shrishti asks Mahesh and Dadi to visit the fanatics, however, Karina says that she will cross and Dadi have to deal with the guests.

The all reach their positions and Samer goes in the front of Manisha

Prithvi is status close to the box, the guests get curious and ask him the reason he is guarding the field, he asks them to leave the place and enjoy the feature, Billa but gets conscious and contemplating who may want to have finished this only receives the name of Prithvi, he begins banging on the inside of the container to be taken out from it.

Manisha mom wonders why Manisha has long past up the room, she decides to move and produce her, Shrishti seeing this attempts to do everything to forestall her from going to Manisha, Dadi also takes her aspect and that they prevent her from going up to the rooms.

Manisha is blessed to peer that Rithwik is status in the front of her, he asks her why she is marrying Karan, Manisha is at capable of accepting as true with this asking why he is saying this, he blames her saying that it might be because she truly did it and is now doing it to make it fake, Manisha walks in advance and stumbles falling into his fingers, Preeta ask Samer to move away as otherwise, she will recognise that he is someone impersonating Rithwik. Manisha receives dubious of his movements

She asked him if he loves her, she says that he was to understand if she molested Karan, he says sure, she takes the telephone and lights up a touch in his face, considering it is Samer she isn’t always capable of accept as true with her eyes and receives mad, just that the lighting fixtures come on and she sees each camera and recorder that is planted in the room, Preeta Rishab in conjunction with anybody else are left shocked to recognize that she has determined the truth, Manisha follows the wires and ends up inside the room in which Preeta and Karan are, she begins to create a scene and says that they’re hideous human beings because they used Rithwik who’s lifeless.

Samer comes and he or she also blames him for playing along with her emotions saying that Karan and herself both ok now what she has accomplished or carried out not and now they will pay the rate, Karan will marry her and Preeta will ensure that it occurs.

Precap:- Manisha is standing inside the room and could be very irritated, Shrishti comes from at the back of and injects her with a drug.


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