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Manisha tells Karan that he is aware of that their marriage is not due to the molestation charges, Karan is aware of this thoroughly or even if she desires to even than they can not give up the marriage and he will have to do it at any value. he will do it at any fee and each time she starts to trust him he finally ends up hurting her so he ought to marry her at any value, Karan leaves her hand and says that he’ll not marry her so what is going to she do.

She says that she will make certain that gets thrown out of the cricket team and it will make the headlines of the newspaper, She ask Preeta to convince her to marry Karan, Shrishti comes from at the back of and injects some thing in her neck which makes her subconscious. every body receives worried asking her what she ash finished.

The Pandit asks them to carry the Bride and groom, Manisha

mom receives concerned approximately Manisha, and her cousin says that he noticed her going to Karan s room.
Prithvi is dragging the container, Billa is continuously hitting it from the inner and even whilst Prithvi threatens him he does no longer stop, after they reach the nook he sees Janki and fast tries to take the field away from the hall.

all people tries to wake Manisha however she does no longer respond, Shrishti asks if she has died which makes Preeta involved.

Prithvi takes the field in a room and closes the door, he is about to open the lid but thinks that as soon as he opens the lid, Billa will attack him so he have to be fully prepared and goes again outside. Dadi calls Mahesh and tells him the entirety about what Shrishti did and Manisha got subconscious.

Preeta makes Manisha lie at the bed, they ask Shrishti what she gave her, she says that it changed into a truth serum, Kartika spots Ganesh and ask him what he’s doing right here, Rishab asks him to be quiet and now not inform all of us of what occurred inside the room additionally ordering him to bring a water bottle.

Mahesh and Dadi are talking, Ganesh comes and tells them that they may be wrong and she is simply subconscious and Rishab instructed him that Manisha will be exceptional. Dadi receives relieved, Prithvi hears this and whilst Ganesh leave she goes after her and attempts to invite of what came about, Ganesh remembers what Rishab stated and makes an excuse.

Mahesh is with Dadi, she says that she heard that in the event that they talk of something terrible it truly brings the reality and he or she is most effective wishing that they do not get married.

Janki is in front of the god and praying that Karan and Manisha and alternatively he marries Karan with Preeta, whilst she is praying Sarla comes from at the back of and asks what she turned into praying she remembers how indignant Sarla got when they first stated that Preeta and Karan should be married, so she tells her that she was praying for her own marriage with Amitabh Bachan as there may be nobody to take care of her so she is praying by herself. while she leaves, Sarla once more prays as she is involved for Janki due to the fact she misplaced her reminiscence.

Prithvi comes again to the room and locks it from the interior, he is going to the container and says that how top Billa is due to the fact he did now not make even a unmarried voice so he could get reward for this from Prithvi. Prithvi thinks that it is probably possible that he should have died because of suffocation, he thinks that this can not be viable due to the fact Billa may be very effective and could not die so without difficulty.

He opens the lid and Billa tries to break free. Prithvi makes a laugh of him and takes him out of doors pronouncing that he’ll shift Billa to a larger room, he takes out a medicinal drug and rubs it on Billa’s nose, making him subconscious after that he hides him inside the cloth cabinet.

Prithvi thinks that now he will have no trouble from Billa and will experience the marriage without any concerns.

Rishab asks Ganesh to deliver the water speedy and all of them throw the water on her face, Preeta says that the manner Shrishti gave the medicine than it will take 10 to fifteen minutes to awaken. Rishab and anyone begin to goal Shrishti, Karan takes her aspect asking them to prevent it. Preeta receives irritated at this and says that she can train her a lesson once they get again domestic.

Manisha mother come together with her pals.

Kartika gets aggravated and asks if Manisha has died.

Precap: Preeta comes from the dressing room and is dressed like a Bride, Rishab and Karan start to stare at her.


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