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Mahesh is trying to express regret to Rakhi, Shrishti is available in between them asking what the matter is, she explains that he feels he’s nevertheless a bachelor, she ask Rakhi to allow him do what he fells and enjoy the celebration, she must also do what she likes and feature a laugh, Shrishti leaves Rakhi additionally tries to observe her but Mahesh stops her, she however leaves him.

Prithvi and Sherlin are sitting at the Mandap, he praises her for her splendor, she explains that it’s far truely hot and she can no longer take the veil, but the Pandit explains that it is the custom of their country and she has to do it because it’s far just like the other norms of the wedding, Sarla is on foot in the Mandir looking for each of them, she hears some ladies talking pronouncing that the day is excellent for marrying and quite a few human beings come to marry these days, she is unable to discover Sherlin.

The Pandit continuous the marriage and he asks if someone from their family is coming to perform a little a part of the ritual, Prithvi gives him extra cash announcing that he has to perform the whole rituals by using himself, he agrees and begins to finish the marriage, Sarla is running around the Mandir and on the backside sooner or later pots Sherlin siting, she gets bowled over to see that Sherlin is honestly marrying a person, she wonders that it is Rishab because she heard that the day is a good day for marriage, she dials his range wondering that if he alternatives up the cellphone then it is Rishab.

Rishab selections the decision but he isn’t the only sitting with Sherlin, she wonders what to do however by the point she sparks he ends the call wondering that it might be a community trouble, he makes a decision to call her once more thinking that she might have some thing critical to speak with him, he calls her and he or she says that she is considering the fact that Sherlin is marrying a person else in front of her eyes, Rishab isn’t capable of accept as true with it asking her what she is pronouncing, the decision ends because of community problem, Rishab is not able to apprehend what Sarla was pronouncing, she again decides to call him but is not capable of due to poor network.

Preeta is strolling inside the hall when Mahoul comes and greets her, eh introduces himself, Preeta asks him if he desires something, he asks for her name, she says that it’s far Preeta, she once more asks if he has something to speak to her about, he however says that he has not anything, she calls a waiter and ask him to take extra care of that individual and leaves.

Sarla is status questioning what Preeta said to her regarding Sherlin that she changed into having an affair with someone and additionally that she is pregnant with a infant, she recalls that she scolded her for announcing such things as this about someone else, The Pandit asks them to rise up for the Pheray, Sarla vows to no longer allow this occur and heads toward them, she receives in front of Sherlin leaving them speechless, she slaps her.

The birthday party starts and Samer holds Shrishti hands, she gets mad asking that he leave her hand because she sui dancing, but he pulls her away and forces her In a room even if she does no longer need to return, he pulls her in the back of him. after they get into the room she cannot consider her eyes because it’s miles all adorned, she ask if she will take a look at the cards and is left amazed seeing them, they may be all full of sorry notes, she asks them of what they may be all about, he has an explanation of every and every card, she is left out of words, saying that she feels he is doing this by using hart and so forgives him, he additionally apologizes to her in advance because he is not a great dancer.

He asks her for a dance, he plays a music, getting on his knees soliciting for her hand in a dance, she offers in and that they begin to dance and still have a number of a laugh however then she receives worried and backs out from there dance, she says that he is a superb dancer and should now not assume terrible of himself, Samer stops her pronouncing that he has to say something to her, Tanvi is available in pronouncing hat Karina has called for him, he asks if he has to come back together with her, she says that he has to in any other case she will be able to inform Karina to come back herself however he gives in and is going along with her.

Sarla asks Sherlin who’s the character behind the veil, she gets surely indignant and tries to look making him fall, but she sees him via Sherlin.

Precap: Karan is with his friend who asks him concerning Preeta, Karan says that she is his Dadi’s physician and additionally his lady friend.


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