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Bhutha came in Luthra family, Sarla Onty revealed the secret of Preet-Karan’s marriageThe September 23 episode of Kundali Bhagya is going to be filled with melodrama.

ZEE TV’s popular show Kundali Bhagya is going to be quite entertaining this time. There will be a lot of melodrama in this episode as Sarla has reached the house of Luthra with the grief of Onti Karan. Upon reaching the Luthra family’s house, Sarla will clearly tell Kareena Bua as well as Rakhi that your son is a cheater. Hiding behind Seher, my daughter is married to Preeta. He has cheated us all.

Sarla tells that Prithvi and Preeta’s marriage is broken. On which Sherlyn is quite happy but as soon as it is learned that Karan is married to Preeta, she gets upset. Every person of the Luthra family is shocked to hear such things from Sarla’s mouth. Although Bua still does not believe these things of Sarla. Rakhi gets very upset there.

During this time, Karan is also entered into the house. Sam also accompanies Karan. And she knows that Preeta is married to Karan. Along with Sam, Karan also stamps on Sarla Onty. And Rishabh listens to everything. After knowing all the things, we are going to see in the next episode that Rishabh will go to Preeta and bring her home to be part of Luthra family. At the same time, Sherlyn will be seen trying to find out everything by calling Prithvi.

Along with this, she will try to do such a trick in association with Prithvi so that Preeta gets out of the Luthra family. Here Sam repeatedly asks Karan that you love Preeta no, Karan says no. However, Sam realizes the pain hidden in Karan’s eyes here. Karan is still upset that he has not done well with Preeta. At the same time, on coming home to Preetha’s Luthra family, a love triangle is going to be seen which will be seen between Mahira, Karan and Preeta.

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