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Sarla requests Sherlin to let her see the substance of that individual whom she is wedding anyway Sherlin pushes her away and begins to contend with her,. Prithvi seeing this open door gets behind the divider, Sarla gets furious requesting that her advise her whys he is leaving Rishab and wedding some other individual, Sherlin begins to contend with her, Prithvi imagines that she more likely than not quit saying these sort of things, Sarla compromises that she will uncover her in front the Luthras, anyway Sherlin attempts to danger her back, Sarla anyway says that she is the mother of Preeta and Shrishti, she is vowing to not give her a chance to wed into the Luthras, she endeavors to play every single card to undermine her to make return.

Sarla says that she won’t let her wed Rishab, Sherlin says that she has now comprehended on the grounds that she needs cash and this is the reason she is attempting to break her marriage, Sherlin gets truly disappointed and attempts to slap her however she holds her hand and against laps her, Sherlin endeavors to get rowdy yet Sarla says that she is such an absurd young lady who doesn’t know the significance of adoration. She again asks Sherlin is she is extremely pregnant and is going to turned into the mother of the offspring of that individual, she keeps running towards him pushing Sherlin away, Prithvi anyway covers up and she can’t get him.

Sarla goes and Sherlin comes running, Sarla goes to her platitude that the reason she came to realize the fact of the matter is on the grounds that even Mata rani doesn’t need her to wed Rishab, she holds her hand firmly saying that she will take her in a similar dress to the Luthra house and uncover her for the last time.

Prithvi gets back up deduction how he will spare Sherlin in such a case that he goes then she will see his face, he begins to argue to Mata rani to help him one and last time.

Everybody is getting a charge out of the gathering, comes to Karan requesting that he acquaint him with Preeta, Karan says that she is the specialist of his dadi, he inquires as to why he is soliciting this from her, he clarify that he prefers her, Karan says that she is his greatest young lady fan, he likewise applauds her to which Karan supports saying that she is the best.

Sarla is taking Sherlin commandingly, she requests that her quit saying that she should not do this mentioning she won’t wed Rishab and will just wed the individual whom she adores Sarla begins to hear her out words and gets suspicious Sherlin nibbles her hand fleeing, Sarla says that she will come clean ot everybody at the Luthra house, Sherlin takes steps to slaughter her yet Sarla gets in an auto and leaves.

Preeta comes into the room and seeing the mirror begins to address her dressing, Karan sees this from the lobby, he comes in complimenting that she become simply like him and is stressing of her excellence, she gets frantic noting that she will never resemble him. she asks for his concern since young ladies like to dress perfectly, he says that young ladies do this to awe young men, Karan says that she should not do this since she doesn’t look great, Preeta gets distraught and attempts to leave anyway he stops he saying that she just needs to make tracks in an opposite direction from him since he disturbs her, he says that she isn’t his sort and resembles a young lady.

Sherlin races to Prithvi and pulling his cover asks what he is doing here, he pulls her aside, she inquire as to why he kept running from the mandap when Sarla came, he clarifies that at whatever point a ladies show signs of improvement to leave that place so he did precisely that, she clarifies that Sarla was extremely distraught and has gone to the Luthra house to tell everybody reality so he should effectively stop her.

He asks her how could she go to the Mandir, Sherlin says that she doesn’t have even an inkling, Prithvi puts the whole fault on her truism that she was the reason since she was pursued and Sarla went to the Mandir due to her, Sherlin cautions him to not do this to her since she cautioned her that she was being pursued.

Precap Upcoming Kundali Bhagya Episode Update: Preeta says that she doesn’t pay any regard to young men, Karan rather ridicules her. Prithvi is in his vehicle considering what he should do to stop Sarla, he at first gets terrified however then is diminished reasoning that she has not seen his face.


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