Kundali Bhagya 24th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Karina goes to Rakhi asking that she needs to chat with her, pulling her aside, dadi requests that Samer bring her drug as she has a migraine, he inquires as to whether it was before the morning meal, she makes reference to that tu was a direct result of Preeta she doesn’t comprehend what has befallen her, she isn’t the equivalent.

Maira ask Kartika who Preeta is, she makes reference to that her story in this family resembles no other. Preeta achieves the room, she solicits the medical caretaker from his condition, she makes reference to that he is in unconsciousness and probably won’t wake up, she sits asking god for what good reason he does this to her as everybody who is near her either passes on or leaves from her.

Karina says to Rakhi that she needs to converse with her and it can’t be said before the family, she says that at whatever point Preeta comes she gets sweet of her anyway she attempts to cause her to comprehend that she has completed a great deal for them, they can go to her wedding, Karina makes reference to that in the event that she goes select her wedding, at that point she will be in charge of the obliteration of her family, Rakhi request that her quit saying that she doesn’t realize that Preeta is the young lady whom she needed to make her little girl in law, Rakhi clarifies that Preeta consistently tuned in to her each direction and remained by their family, she accuses the whole circumstance for the conditions so she will go. Karina is inflexible to not release her but rather Rakhi undermines that she will go and nobody can stop her, she trusts her to be her little girl thus leaves.

Karan orders Preeta to leave and stop the acting, she state that she autos for him and he resembles her dad, he state that he isn’t her dad since she couldn’t care less for him and his state is a result of her, Preeta clarifies that she generally thought of him as her dad and would have accompanied him in the event that she realized that he was going to get in a mishap, she would do anything for him, Karan state that on the off chance that she can do anything, at that point should drop her marriage in light of the fact that any young lady whose father would be in this state won’t sit in the mandap, she gets stunned.

Preeta won’t, Karan ask the reason, she makes reference to that she can’t on the grounds that it isn’t just identified with her yet many individuals so she can’t do whatever damages them, Karan will not acknowledge that she takes Mahesh as her dad, referencing that on the off chance that a young lady whose father is in this state, at that point she would not consider wedding anybody, Preeta state that she isn’t the reason of Mahesh mishap and it is Sherlin who has expressed these words against her, Karan does not tune in to any clarification, she attempts to leave yet he stops her she falls in his arms.

Prithvi is at the entryway pondering that they would all invite him when they see him, Janki gets strained pondering who is at the entryway, she opens to discover Prithvi, he comes in wishing her, she hits him making her fall, he gets up notice that she should not do these things to him, asking that she should call Preeta and Sarla, Janki says that she has gone to Luthra chateau, Sarla comes and is concerned to realize that she has gone to meet them, notwithstanding when she requested her to not meet them, they imagine that she would have gone to ask of Mahesh wellbeing, Prithvi attempts to mislead her however Janki stops her platitude that she would just have gone for Mahesh as she doesn’t break her relations so effectively.

Precap: Sarla says to Prithvi that she will presently accomplish something that will end the connection with the Luthras, Karan pulls Preeta, he reports that any individual who goes to her wedding will have no connection with him.


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