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Karan’s love affair was fatal, this twist on the show changed Preeta’s whole life Preeta and Karan are married. But now a big twist has come in the story .. Karan has returned from his tongue. Karan married Preeta just for revenge which led to

In the show Kundali Bhagya has gone terribly wrong with Preeta. Karan has fallen desperately in revenge from Preeta and is constantly hurting Preeta. In the last episode, Karan is shown to be mistreating the new bride after her marriage to Preeta. Preeta is surprised to see the attitude of Karan. At the same time, the entire Luthra family also gets shocked as to what Karan is doing with Preeta. Now in the upcoming episodes, it will be shown that Karan will tell Preeta that she does not matter at all to him. After this, Karan will clearly tell in the Luthra family that he has done tricks with Preeta. Hearing this, Rakhi aunt will get very angry and will give Karan a loud slap. All the family members will keep watching because some members want Preeta not to come in the Luthra family. But Rakhi aunt wants Preeta to come to that house. Now Rakhi Aunty can bring Preeta home in the upcoming episodes. Preeta will enter the frame of the Luthra family with all the rituals. But Kar will refuse to accept this marriage. Now the most difficult phase of Preeta’s life will start from here.

‘Well done Rakhi Aunty slapped’

Karan did a lot wrong with Preeta. Seeing this, the fans of the show are very angry with Karan. In this way, see how the fans reacted ..

Fans are giving Reaction – Badlawdo track, hating on Preeta’s dress

Fans are constantly demanding to change the track of this show. Users are making fun of the show on social media, saying that ‘.. and at least rightly change Preeta’s dress. Now Pink is hated.

Preeta broke down seeing Karan’s truth

On the other hand, Preeta is also surprised that while taking the rounds, Karan had vowed to play together for 7 births. But what happened now? Karan meanwhile leaves Preeta alone in the middle. Actually, Karan and Preeta leave alone in the carriage at the time of farewell. But Karan tells Preeta to get down from the car in the middle way. In such a situation, Preeta breaks down seeing Karan behaving like this.

Sarala and Srishti were shocked by Karan’s act

Here, Preeta’s mother Sarala and sister Srishti are in shock due to this act of Karan. Let me tell, when Karan came in between Preeta and Prithvi’s marriage, Srishti became very happy that her sister’s life was saved. But since Karan’s truth is revealed, Preeta’s family is in shock.

Karan’s move was successful, Preeta wanted to ruin the whole ..

Karan is bent on ruining Preeta. He is married to Preeta for revenge. Karan makes false promises to Preeta in the pavilion. On coming home, Karan tells everyone that he did this only so that he can degrade Preeta and ruin her.

Karan will get a loud rebuke from Rakhi, Preeta will get justice

Karan will confess in front of everyone on the upcoming show why he did this excess with Preeta. On hearing this, Karan’s mother will slap him. Karan will be surprised to see that his mother slaps him.

Karan has cheated, yet Preeta wants heart and life … proof

After Karan and Preeta’s marriage, now only Preeta is dealing with difficulties. In such a situation, Preeta’s mother Sarla is very sad that her daughter is going through these conditions. In such a situation, Sarala calls Karan very good and gives him badass. But Preeta stops her mother from saying so. This clearly shows how much Preeta wants Karan.

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