Kundali Bhagya 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sarla Luthra threatens to tell the truth to the family after catching Sherlin and the Prithvi in the temple. The Prithvi somehow managed to escape from it.

After being caught in this episode of Kundali Bhagya , Sherlyn asks Sarla not to interfere in her life. At the same time Sarla tries to explain to her how important the Luthra family is for her. At the same time, the Prithvi is able to escape from the eyes of Sarla. Sarla tells Sherly that she will go to the Luthra family and tell her the truth. Sherly tries to scare Sarla by saying that she will stand Kareena for her rescue. She also says that if Sarala dares to expose her, then she will accuse Rishab and Sarabha of breaking her marriage.

Although Sarala does not come to the point of Sherlyn and stays firm on her decision, she says she is not afraid of any consequences. Sarla says that she will not marry Sherlyn in any condition from Rishab. Sarla wants to get out of there immediately to find that person, which would cause Sherlin to get married. Sarla wants to take Sherlin with Luthra residence. Charlie escapes from Sarla. Sarla Luthra leaves for residence, then Sherlyn threatens to stop him from reaching there.

Here, Sherlyn is angry to not help her on Prithvi. He tells the Prithvi to do something, so that Sarla Luthra could not reach the house. There is a debate between Sherlyn and Prithvi. Both feel that Sarla has seen them. The Prithvi tells Sherlin that she changes clothes to Luthra’s residence, while she does something to stop Sarla from reaching there. At the Luthra residence, Mehul tells Karan that he is starting to like Preeta. At the same time, she tells Karan that she loves her way of taking everything for Preity. Later Karan starts debating with Preeta and teases him.


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