Kundali Bhagya 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Rishab asks Kartika to forestall, Karan is seeing Manisha and pints that she is waking up, Shrishti asks her if she can tell the fact he nods her head agreeing, she asks her if she loves Rithwik, Manisha says that she loves, Preeta comes and asks her if she loves Karan, she says that she doesn’t even if Karan attempts to make her prevent announcing something. Preeta asks her the cause for marrying Karan she says that she desires to take revenge, Rishab asks her if she is positive that Karan became behind her molestation, Karan asks her to prevent as even they can’t apprehend anything sop who might trust them, Preeta asks her once more and while she is ready to mention the truth there may be a knock at the door and it is her mother who is adamant that’s he come out of doors in any other case she will be able to have the door broken. they all get worried and think of a plan to make her mother forestall from coming inner, Samer asks her to prevent even as speaking within the voice of Manisha

Shrishti says that Preeta must marry Karan and till then they will be able to make Manisha tell the reality, both Preeta and Rishab are towards this however Karan says that this could be the great plan, Rishab asks Shrishti to take a seat inside the Mandap but she says that Preeta can’t do something that is inaccurate and she will ruin their plan. Preeta is of the same opinion and they try o get the dress from Kartika’s cloth cabinet.

Samer makes Manisha mom depart and they get a few minutes.

Kartika and Shrishti are not capable of discovering a replica of the Lehnga and exercise session a brand new plan. Preeta disagrees and says that they should consider a brand new plan, Kartika and Shrishti take Manisha to the bathroom and trade her clothes, Shrishti takes Preeta inner.

Rishab says to Karan that if he feels that something is incorrect and they are not returned then he have to stand up and abort the marriage, Karan however says that he will marry her in the event that they do no longer come due to the fact she is higher than Manisha, Rishab receives tensed requesting that he does not do some thing of the type.

Shrishti comes outdoor saying that she become very tensed and now not listening or even scratched her face, just than Preeta comes outdoor each person is left searching at her, Karan ask her in which medical doctor Preeta is because she is a piece exceptional. Preeta says that she will be able to stroll from the Mandap after ten minutes.

Rishab says that he had swore that he’s going to no longer let him get married and if this takes place than he can be married so he’s going to move rather than Karan, Karan says that he knows that Rishab loves him a lot of but if he is going than absolutely everyone will see his face and then a new problem will arise so he ought to pass himself. Preeta and Karan go away which makes Rishab feel fearful as he becomes now not capable to tell Preeta the reality which turned into in his coronary heart.

Karan and Preeta are within the Mandap at the same time as everybody round them is tensed. Prithvi prays that they both get married.

The Pandit asks the permission to begin the ceremony and her mom says something, Preeta asks what she stated, he says that she supposed that she became with Karan alone in his room than she should apprehend what Manisha mother intended.

Kartika and all of us else are trying to query Manisha but she isn’t always saying whatever worth much, Rishab takes over and again asks her to tell his name and the name of the mastermind who become behind all of this.

The bridal ceremony non-stop and they reach towards the quiet of the wedding, Karan and Preeta are informed to stand for the ceremonial circles that should be completed to finish the marriage.

Karan asks Preeta to come back but she disagrees he but says that everyone is watching but she does now not concentrate or even when he is standings he does not give in however getting scared sooner or later provide sin. Karan takes the Haar after which they each area it on each other’s neck.

Precap: Pandit ask than to face for the circling, Preeta but disagrees however eventually stands and Karan starts to take them but she thinks of a new plan.


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