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Shocking! Karan’s dealings with Preeta will be beyond all limits of inhumanity Myra gets news about Karan getting married to Preeta. When Myra starts crying after hearing about this, Karan’s sister will see and she will ask why she is crying.

Zee TV show Kundali Bhagya shows a very shocking scene right now. The show has revealed that Myra also loves Karan immensely. Recently, it was digested that Rishabh, Karan’s elder brother likes Preeta. In the pavilion too, he prepares to marry Preeta but before that Karan arrives there. Rishabh confesses to Preeta’s sister. While Preeta’s sister wants Preeta to marry Karan and gets married too. Now in the coming episodes, it is going to come in front of everyone that Myra wants Karan with Dilozan.

Myra gets news about Karan getting married to Preeta. When Myra starts crying after hearing about this, Karan’s sister will see and she will ask why she is crying. After this, Myra will do her hall-e-dil. Karan’s sister will be shocked to hear this. Know what else can be seen in the coming episodes: –

Fans are looking forward to see Rishabh’s reaction

The story is taking fresh new turns in Kundali Bhagya. On one hand, Karan is married to Preeta. Even after being in love, he is showing hatred for Preeta. So Rishabh is not aware of this reality right now. Rishabh also loves Preeta and wanted to get married. In such a situation, the fans are now excited to see Rishabh’s reaction.

Karan is left in the middle, will die on Preeta even more

Karan, who is left in the midst of the path, will be seen on Preeta and even more: Karan will be seen torturing and harassing Preeta in the coming episodes. He will say that Preeta wants to stay in this house. But Preeta will not give up. She will forcibly tie her mother’s teachings and come to stay at Karan’s house and will fight the conditions. Meanwhile Karan will be seen harassing Preeta a lot

Karan had left Preeta something like, will Preeta be able to bear the shock

Fans are extremely upset with the way Karan leaves Preeta in the show. Not only this, the fans are saying that ‘Karan doesn’t know anything’, then someone said that ‘Karan must be loud, he is not doing well.

Preeta’s enemies in the Luthra family, will run cheap.

Sarla’s mother is being heavily abused in the Luthra family. Sarla then opens her mouth and tells that her Karan secretly married Preeta by sitting secretly in the pavilion. What is Preeta’s fault in this? Hearing this, Karan’s aunt will be surprised and she will say that Preeta must have said something. Now Preeta is married. But this journey of Karan Preeta’s wedding will not be easy. Along with Sharleen, Bua will do many cheap tricks.

Sarla was surprised to see Karan not bringing Preeta along

Fans of the show Kundali Bhagya wanted Karan and Preeta to get married. So got married, but Karan is no longer the same as he was for Preeta. The changed Karan now just has to take revenge on Preeta. In such a situation, the bride becomes Preeta leaving Karan midway. Karan Hearts Preeta and says that he does not love her. When he comes home, he sees that Preeta’s mother Sarla is at her house. Sarla sees that she will be shocked if her daughter does not accompany Karan

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