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Janki asks Preeta to remain calm and now not cry due to the fact she has completed not anything wrong and members of the family have to no longer broke much like that, additionally that it takes a life-time to make a relation but a 2d to break them. Preeta explains that she handiest went to fulfill Mahesh but seeing them thought of inviting them , also Bi jee stated this to her but Karan once more misbehaved with her, she leaves crying, Janki prays to god asking him to make her see a few manner, she thinks of sending them a card as they could the come to the wedding.

Sarla is looking the workers to complete the paintings, Bi jee asks her why the paintings is not entire due to the fact the guests will soon come to their residence, Janki additionally comes but Sarla gets paranoid asking Janki to head back with out listening to what she has to mention, she explains that the prepare dinner has come and is soliciting for the menu, Sarla says that she told him the entire element and she or he ought to cross again to check the preparations, she asks them to head also soliciting for Bi jee ton move and test the cook dinner.

Sarla sees her contractor and warns that if the paintings is not finished she will be able to no longer provide him to contract anymore, he apologizes assuring that he’s going to compete the work. The visitors start to arrive she request that they take the seats.

Maria is at the telephone she apologizes pronouncing that she will now not be capable of come and has some work, Kartika comes she ask if she is loose pronouncing that they should go to see the movie and so she books the price tag.

The ceremony begins and every person comes to position the haldi on her face, separately her circle of relatives contributors perform the function, then her pals come and tease her earlier than doing it, she sees Karan coming to her, he sits in the front of her while she asks why he got here he says that he got here to her characteristic as she is his buddy, they both stare into each different eyes, she tries to arise however he stops her announcing that she cannot run from him, she tries to interrupt free, he says that he is her love and will remain together with her In every and each fear, she says that she is getting married however he asks her to refuse and not marry Prithvi, she refuses pronouncing that her haldi has been completed, he pulls her nearer provide an explanation for that she is aware of that he’s her love and need to now not marry Prithvi. Preeta refuses to do what he says however he makes her feel that she most effective loves him and has no place for any other man or woman, they both love each other and are made for every other.

She refuses to do something announcing that she is helpless, ordering that he depart Karan begins to take his step backwards and leaves she ask if he is clearly going, Shrishti receives burdened and is derived to ask her who become the man or woman she become speakme to, Preeta leaves the room, Shrishti is left pressured.

Sherlin ask dadi who is the rubdown, she taunts her with the aid of saying that she isn’t always true at it, Kartika and Maira come wondering that she isn’t always liking it however can not say something, Karina comes asking her to head and put together the breakfast leaving her to take care of her mother, dadi thanks her saying that Sherlin might have broken her bones, Karin a sys that she is new and could sooner or later research.

Rakhi ask anyone to return and feature the breakfast, Maria asks if they’re all so rude or are pretending in front of her, Samer says that it’s far nothing like this, she allows Karan who’s taking into account what Preeta stated and that Prithvi is a great person, he receives frustrated shouting that he is not a terrific individual, everybody is left taken aback. Karina asks Karan what he supposed, he says that it was the food, asking Karina to forestall Sherlin from entering the kitchen due to the fact she doesn’t make god food, shelling says that it turned into now not her however the Chef and she or he became simply supervising it, he blames her for the whole lot and leaves without taking note of absolutely everyone. Rakhi assures that she will speak to Karan.

The medical doctor comes Rakhi asks if he got here to test on Mahesh, she takes him to his room, Samer says that he is irritated ion a person else, he’s eliminating his frustration out on them.

Precap: Karan gets card of Preeta’s wedding ceremony, Sarla says that she is glad to see her daughter finally getting married, Karan burns the cardboard.


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